March 9th- The Canadian Wartime Recipe Challenge 2015

Lets talk about Bacon shall we..


Boy did the folks love their bacon, they loved it as a meat but they loved it just as much for the fat it came with.. this was not modern bacon, this was fatty bacon..  and we as Canadians certainly produced a lot of pigs to feed this high demand..


Now if we look at the basics of how the meals where to break down.. we can see that the little bits of bacon and ham was very important as they would have been in a way considered the fresh meat.. even though both are of course cured and smoked to preserve it.. so both fresh meat and cured at the same time..


In England at least they did pig shares, I am not as sure that they did this at all in Canada, I can find no proof yet that this was in fact the case here.. but in England, they did save the scraps for the pigs and for the chickens..  Its my understanding that then everyone who was part of the pig feeding, got a little bit back in turn for it..


But in Canada, It would appear that we collected our bones and scraps for the war effort more then for the pigs or chickens..  Fat was collected as it was needed for the war effort as was bones. I am assuming this was because of the difference between our livestock being grown on farms, we just had so much more land available to us then they would have. We also would have had much more ways to feed our pigs of the time


There are no recipes per say for bacon in any of the books or menus I have been able to  track down.. but I cooked a pound of my fatty large black bacon and got one and half cups of lard from it.. I have no way if this was close but I for sure know that its closer to par then what our modern breed to be lean pigs would be.. most likely a bit of a meet in the middle would be about right..

They would have rendered the fat down and then cleaned it with boiled water and used every scrap of it in their menus. this rendering was a new thing for most as they give very careful step by step on how to do it, its written out as clearly as possible, which leads me to believe that it was something that normally done by others, or not done at all..


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4 Responses to March 9th- The Canadian Wartime Recipe Challenge 2015

  1. Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

    What with the recent “news” that animal fats are not only allowable, but necessary for good health, your timing on this couldn’t be better: )
    We have always had a Fat Can in the freezer for saving bacon fat, and cooling broth, etc in order to repurpose [at least some of] the fat layer is just what you do… (If only to keep the plumbing and septic system happy, clean and functioning properly; )
    “Waste not, want not!”

  2. valbjerke says:

    I recall my mom rendering fat from our pigs, and I do as well. The kidney fat is particularly fine for pastry – so I render it separately and keep it in jars in my canning room 😊

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