Seeds starting.. Just a few yet!

Hello Folks,

For those that are new to the blog, having gotten here one way or another, heads up, we bounce 🙂 I change what I write about based on what is happening on the farm, and so in some ways, you get a very real true to life picture of a active busy farm, if you read back you will see the flow that happens, spring is coming.. that means march challenges, and then new life in so many ways..

But I also write the blog to keep my family out west and friends all over up to date on our life happenings, that means at times photos of trips off the farm, I have tried to a point to move more of the family things over to facebook but as not all my family is on facebook, there is a number of things still posted here on the blog.

So moving on to the topic..  Starting my brussel sprouts, some are going to be started early and some are going to be stagger planted, I do this with almost everything because the truth is we have no idea what kind of spring-summer-fall we will get and I also start some things to come early because we eat out of the garden as soon as possible.

These seeds were started with the baggy method, then once sprouted where moved over to the soil, they are the ones in the baggy covered pots, the other pots are planted with peas






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One Response to Seeds starting.. Just a few yet!

  1. I did the baggy method this year too! It was my first year trying it and was surprising easy!

    Thanks for linking up with Green Thumb Thursday! I hope you’ll link up again this week!


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