March 8th- The Canadian Wartime Recipe Challenge 2015

One of the things that kept me hoping yesterday was first of a number of new chicks that will be joining the farm this year..


Four little colorful wee Iceland Land Race Chickens.. If I did it right, I will have one brown speckled, one blue speckled, one cream speckled and one black and white mixed colored, unsexed so where is hoping that I get at least one hen and one roo out of the mix 🙂


So that means today we talk about chickens and eggs.. Eggs were considered a hugely important part of the war ration, it was something that in England was highly rationed, one egg per week per adult in the family was possible at one point..

It would appear that your main egg ration was one fresh egg per adult per week and one can of powdered eggs that was equal to 14 eggs per every four weeks.


Now you could choose to be out of the egg ration and instead get chicken rations but you needed to keep productive hens..

While in England they were given breeding trios of rabbits for extra protein and meat in the USA were encouraged to keep chickens..


Which makes sense, there was were greens for the rabbits year round in England, and there was free range and a bit of grain and scraps for the birds in the USA.


but what about Canada..  Well, near as I can tell, we were a powerhouse that helped provide the eggs to those in need.. We exported far more then we used that is for sure..


The powdered eggs appear to be have been pretty much hated.. but they were active in use none the less..

The truth is that most of the egg dishes are common but there is one that I found very worth noting..

Egg Cutlets

One and half pounds of mixed cooked veggies left over chopped finely

one  and half oz of , fine cut

4 eggs in powdered format

salt and pepper

Mix all together, heat a little fat in a frying pan till smoking hot and fry spoonfuls of the mixture till golden brown, serve with Parsley..

So many things were to be served with Parsley its like it was todays kale.. THE healthy Green that needed to find its way into so many different dishes.

they made egg pie many with potato pastry it would appear..




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3 Responses to March 8th- The Canadian Wartime Recipe Challenge 2015

  1. Sheri says:

    I remember eggs being so hard to get that applesauce was used as a substitute for baking. Your chicks are adorable!

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