March 1st – The Canadian Wartime Recipe Challenge 2015

Good Morning,

Well, I have been researching and doing more researching and I wish I had thought to decide to do this with o, a couple months notice to be able to order books, but I might just do that and consider doing another month in summer-fall, we will see..

So the plan is that hubby will get to have his regular breakfast and lunch, plus take to work snacks and then will become part of the 30 days challenge with the supper meals and after supper desserts etc..

I on the other hand am in for the full day, that includes everything from breakfasts to lunches to suppers.. * Other then my hubbies Birthday supper and dessert, that is off limits! I will still prepare a meal for the challenge but it will either breakfast or lunch that day.

This will be based on the Canadian perspective as much as possible with a few things here and there in regards to info from England.

I had to do a lot of figuring out on this.. you see, most of the stuff is done in regards to city or town info and yet it says over and over again.. but there is such a difference between urban and rural..

So this means that while I will be giving stats and notes and information in regards to urban, town or cities, this challenge Will be coming from the rural Canadian perspective

Which has already turned up some very interesting info both in regards to the multi-faced rules per the goverments but as tidbits of info coming from my own family and elders and community cookbooks  with household tints and tips from that time frame

I could not have picked a harder month to do this in.. which is of course why I picked March as my big challenge month, months from the last harvests, and before pretty much anything comes new and green on the farm.

But do not worry, this farmgal has some tricks up her blouse, o yes she does..  There was much greater flexability that came with being a small holder, and we are going to keep this as true to real life as possible..

(yes, that means that I will as the month goes on perhaps do some black market barter, or it might mean that I will be giving a certain extra or two to local families in need).

Also in keeping with my own family, I intend to do a little hunting, and trapping (not in the true sense because its out of season on the one and not allowed on the other) but as I was raised hearing about my dad needing to hunt Partridge and my other family members needing to trap rabbits, my wild game that will just popup, will be something I have on the farm that will be *caught*, might even throw in a *fishing* trip in there..

So week one sees us in the early stages of Rationing 1942.. we have a ration on Tea, Coffee and Sugar..

Which puts us at 12 oz of sugar per adult in the house, 12 oz of Tea and Coffee..

Two adults in our household would put us at 24 oz of sugar for the week. This will only last three days before it will be moved to a mear 8oz per adult and at the same time butter will become rationed at half a pound per person a week..

Those are the basic rations for our first week BUT I am going to keep the meals to what would have been available at that time, including fats, spices, and so much more..

Our first Meal of the day is going to be so important!..


Canadian Wartime  Breakfast #1

Oatmeal with sheeps milk and a tiny pinch of salt.



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6 Responses to March 1st – The Canadian Wartime Recipe Challenge 2015

  1. Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

    Well, good to know this was a “rationed” breakfast. (But really, it just sounds like a normal Brekkie in March to me ; )

    • lol, trust me many of the things we consider normal or healthy are going to show up on the menu but I am going to point out that oatmeal and barley were NOT common as much back then, when it came to both, recipes and booklets were sent all over as bread, eggs and meat was the Common breakfast.. to go to a plain oatmeal no sugar with a touch of milk.. very poor breakfast food indeed..

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