Deep Fried Chitterlings- Nose to Tail Eating March

Ok I have to back this story up, two or maybe even three years ago, I found this amazing book, it was a product of the great depression, and the USA goverment was making work and one of the project they came up with was for the writers, they asked them and paid them to gathering information and write out the historys of food/farming/local customs all over the US, and let me tell ya, that book is one amazing read!

2012-12-24 060 (500x435)

It was also the first time I read in detail about Chitlins, or deep fried small pig intestines, it was the in great detail on how the best Chitlins were prepared and about that they would have paid parties in the deep south, you paid 2 dollars and you had music, dance, drink and all the fresh fried chitlins you could eat thoughout the night..

Then I did a bit more research on this food and say it in a few other books and finally I decided, I have to try this.. now there are a number of ways that this can be done, and I might? be brave enough someday to boil them, serve them white and ropy (they pretty much look like the raw picture but white and with sauce) but to be honest, it does not appeal to me, and if there is one thing that I have learned about eating the odd bits, the more you can make it appealing, the greater the odds that you will like it..

So when I butchered out a gilt this weekend, I took some of the small intestine, rule two for learning about odd bits, start small and get a feel for things, without overwhelming yourself.. learn as you go.. so i only took a portion of the intestine, enough to make sausage and enough to make chitlins. This will allow me to get a understanding of how to do these projects an I will have more skill for the next one.

2012-12-24 056 (500x375)

So the first thing to learn is that you need to clean it, and clean it well, this involves lots and lots of fresh running water, soaking in salt water, and repeating that, till its as clear as can be.

2012-12-24 057 (500x375)

Here it is filled up, this would give you the typical size of a garlic sausage to help with visual. It also helps that full, I can see i still need to pick off a bit of that white bits..

2012-12-24 059 (500x375)

So I heated my oil, cut my cleaned intestine into bit size bits, dregged it into well seasoned flour and into the oil it went..

2012-12-24 061 (500x420)

Now its darn right pretty when it comes out but what about eating it.. so I have to admit that I went into it thinking, I will eat at least one.. who was I kidding, I gobbled them down like candy, O MY GOD, these are amazing! Freakin Aweome..  I know understand why they are eating all over the world, and are considered a treat.. so so good. I can’t wait to make these again and share them with some dear friends..

2012-12-24 062 (500x375)

If you get the chance to try this from a pasture raised, healthy pig, freshly butchered, correctly prepared, and I promise, the odds are huge, that you will love these just as much!


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3 Responses to Deep Fried Chitterlings- Nose to Tail Eating March

  1. Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

    LMOA! Well, then I guess we’re all going to have to come to your house to try them, ’cause that’s an awful lot of “IF”s: )

    • Are you saying that its hard for the average joe to get freshly butchered pasture raised heritage pork intestines that you can prepare yourself .. ok good point.. but I have never bought the store got ones, so i am not going to recommend them, I don’t know if they would taste the same if after being frozen or if raised in a hog barn or ?

      What I can say is that mine was awesome! 😛

  2. erikamay85 says:

    maybe…maybe…..but I gotta say…I think sausage is bomb.
    (if only i can figure out how to make keilbasa before i butcher my pig I will make my Polish Grandma SOOOO happy.)

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