March 21th- The Canadian Wartime Recipe Challenge 2015


Urge everyone to lesson wheat consumption by at least one third though subsitutions- Food Administration

Yeast Breads

Basic Standard Bread Recipe at the time.

1 cup of water, 1 tbsp. of fat, 1 tsp of salt, 1 tbsp. of either sugar or molasses, one fourth yeast cake (I am not sure what that would be in tsp, but I am guess on 1tsp) 3 cups of flour.

mix liquid, fat, molasses and salt, when its lukewarm add yeast, dissolved in one quarter cup of lukewarm water and lastly the flour.  Need well, let rest till double, shape into pan and when double again in bulk bake 50 to 60 min.

Liberty Breads

No 1

1 cup Bran, half a cup of corn meal, 1 cup of rye flour and half a cup of white flour

No 2

1 cup of ground oatmeal, 1 cup whole wheat flour, 1 cup of graham flour and half a cup of raisins

No 3

1 cup graham Flour, 1 cup of rye flour, 1 cup of white flour and half a cup of walnut pieces

No 4

Half a cup cornmeal, half a cup of graham, 2 cups of whole wheat

No 5

1 cup of cream of rye, 1 cup of graham and 1 cup of white flour

All of the above recipes work with the first basic instructions given at the top.

Interesting to me that they did both fruit and nut bread..

I made a basic oatmeal bread, which was used to make a loaf of bread, a pizza and fried bread as a treat..





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3 Responses to March 21th- The Canadian Wartime Recipe Challenge 2015

  1. Sheri says:

    This stove top bread looks wonderful and I’d really like to try it. I take it it’s #2? And how long did you cook it and in what type of oil?

    • it was warm water, one beaten farm egg (as a cheap o mile way to replace the added fat), 1 tsp of salt, 1 tbsp. of mollasis, 1 tsp of yeast, and about three cups of flour, but I did not measure water or flour, just eyeballed THE Water and beat and then kneeded flour till right texture and feel, I made one loaf, one pizza crust and four fry breads out of the recipe above, it was cooked in a blend of olive oil, coconut oil and lard which is what is in my fryer but you n use any good oil, its the temp of it that matters more then the type as long as it has a higher cook temp, I have done it in cast iron with just a few inches of oil as well, slice, pull and flatten the small piece of dough, then drop in oil, do not touch till floated up and golden brown on the underside, about two to three min, flip cook about another two min till golden brown and drain on a towel, served on the side, fry bread, served with butter and jam, we call it dough dogs. served with sugar and cinnamon and its beaver tails..

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