Canning Deboned Rabbit


In the photo its the lovely Rabbit Tenderloins,  but I also deboned out the big thighs and legs and cut them into smaller bits and canned them up as well.

Canned Rabbit is good but Its different then chicken canned up, this was aged in lightly salted water for three days before being cut up and prepared.. it was raw packed into half pint jars stuffed right full..  As anyone knows raising rabbits, these are amazing pieces of meat and so they will be used in smaller portions for more meals. plus there is nothing wrong with what starts out as 8oz of meat for two people.. Portion control of 4 oz per works just fine for me 🙂

So the first thing to note is that the color of jelly-water will be more dark and yellow then you are used to..  and if you had included bones in this, it would be a nice jelly but because I deboned, its more liquid.. so on the deboned meat, its got some flavour but nothing like the boned in does.

The second is that canned rabbit has a canned smell when first openned. I know, all canned meats do but rabbit is even more.. so do air your meat for a just a min or two if you are going to use it as a cold meat..


The second one is that tenderloin from the rabbit cans up into a firm meat.. its not fall apart tender like the beef will be.. its more like canned pork in that way.. it will hold pretty good.. but push down on it with a fork and it will shred out nicely! It will NOT mash out like a ground or a store canned meat will.. it will shred.. keep that in mind for your plans in regards to recipe etc.

Now I find rabbit meat quite flavourful in its own way and if used cold, mixed with pickles, sweet, dill, garlic or even hot just rock with it.. as a cooked meat, soups, stews, stir fries and so much more.

While I do love to use rabbit as a fresh meat but if you are doing a number at a time, this is a great way to put them up.

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