Black Friday-Cyber Monday

Well, the flyers came, the stores sent e-messages, facebook went crazy with ads and everywhere I turned on the news and the radio, it was black Friday sale, it was cyber Monday sales..

The Canadian news had a big report that no one was crossing the border for the big shop in the states because of our low dollar..

Then there was the Big sales and pushes in the local stores that again appeared to fall flat this year, no line ups, stores no more busy then a average Saturday after payday..

Even at my local grocery store which did have some amazing sales on in regards to local grown food, ten pounds of carrots, beets or potatoes for a dollar.. needless to say, I looked at my pantry and topped up.. amazing buys on massive pinapples as well, I got a extra 50 pounds of carrots and as they had bags of apples at a 1 a bag, five bags of apples for caleb.

However other then the cart full of local produce, there was nothing folks wanted, I was saddened to see so few taking so little of the fresh but I also watched as they looked at the others and walked by, so many with lists and so little in their carts, with a look about them..  and even sadder to me was so many that said at the till.. I would be getting more but you no longer (the stores) take a visa..

Store after Store shows the truth of where we live and what is happening, folks are being so careful, they are pulling in, they are looking at things from a different light..

Now I guess I had better own up on my own black Friday buys.. because I did use the sales, I got a top up on horse carrots-apples, I got extra turnips, winter ones for extra canning, I got pineapple at the local grocery

I got cat and dog food at sale prices and cat litter as well.. cat litter at half price.. good deal..

But they are pretty normal overall, I would have got the feed on-sale regardless of black Friday..  but I did get one thing that I did not need, one upgrade.. I got a 400 dollar Nikon camera for 99 plus tax, free shipping.

My older digital was ok, but I love my Nikons and I am glad to have it back.. the quality of photos is so much better.. Did I need it.. no.. do I regret buying it.. no..  it will earn its keep.



o yes, I like my new camera very much.. but I like it even more that we spent so little over the black Friday-cyber Monday madness..

So how did you do? what was it like in your town? your local neck of the woods?



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4 Responses to Black Friday-Cyber Monday

  1. Widdershins says:

    We looked at the flyers, etc, but there wasn’t a lot that took our fancy … I think your four-leggeds love your new camera as much as you do. 😀

  2. we stayed away during the whole Friday-Monday sales… aside from regular grocery shopping, we didn’t venture too much into stores. We really looked at what’s needed and what’s wanted, and this year we decided we didn’t want that much more. I also didn’t see people going crazy about any sales. Just like your side of the country, nobody really lined up anywhere for any door crashers…

    A gift for yourself is always a well-deserved gift! An early Christmas present and you have great critters to share it with 🙂 Enjoy it!

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