Photo Friday -Purrpots


This is Freckles.. she is one lovely Ragdoll.. She had these two stunning babies with Sunny Cat this year before he was altered..


This big hunk of love is her son Patrick, he was fixed at six months and is one of the most gentle loving boys on the farm in the house and a total hunter outside just like his dad..  On a interesting twist, its their father Sunny that taught them to hunt, their mother showed them the kibble bowl lol


This massive fluffy and solid stunning calico is her daughter Faith, she is already 3 pounds heavier then her petite mom and has lots of growing to do yet..


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3 Responses to Photo Friday -Purrpots

  1. nicky says:

    What beautiful photos. I love the last one of Faith in the tree. Gorgeous.

  2. Nadine says:

    Your cats are gorgeous! Freckles has pop out blue eyes, but they are all so pretty.

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