Great Morning on the farm..

So the rabbit hutches got their winter upgrades, two of them got their floors rewired (more on that later this week) and two got full new roofs for them..  Blackie is already showing her tummy is getting bigger by the day.. new kits soon.. I can’t wait to see what she had colorwise


Blue had to come along and give a helping hand in all ways including jumping up and into the rabbit hutches.. silly boy..

The goats are doing well.. Juno was breed the first week of sept by Jack and has not come back into heat since, so that means she is three months already this week, that is a amazing to me as I still have sheep being bred this week for spring lambs. Granted I also have a few ewes that are three months along as well.


Her son Crème is a sweetheart of a altered boy, I am in the strange part of the process where I am connected and adore him and also working on trying to disconnect as he is to got to freezer camp soon..  or maybe I will keep him as a buddy for Jack.. we will see..

dscn0281The Seb geese trio are settled in so well now.. they are moved to their winter digs, they have their nice big new straw bale winter house and they didn’t even wait for the roof, they just went right in and settled down for a nap..


They are truly the sweetest, calmest most gentle geese I have ever meet.. As both are proven mothers, I am looking forward to getting each its own hut in the spring and for nice big batches of goslings.

Well, my coffee is done, fresh dark eggs , the hens are nibbling on the goats hay and so the eggs are so dark, with some chipped canned pork with grated spuds as a very hearty omlet for lunch..  time to get back at it..

Man it gets dark early these days!

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2 Responses to Great Morning on the farm..

  1. Widdershins says:

    Yeah … winter is upon us. 🙂 … those goose feathers are gorgeous. 😀

  2. I Know! I was just writing about it – it seems I have to start evening chores after lunch to get done by Dark. Mercy.. c

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