Grow something in Feb -Seeds

Hi Folks, in my area its to soon to be starting anything, I mean even the onion package says closer to me last frost spring date.. so while I will be starting other things towards the end of the month.

The urge to get some seeds out and planted was just to strong lol I had to do it, and I figured why not see if any of you wanted to join me..

Pick an choose how to join me..

1)Sprouting, lets sprout.. It can be as simple as in a jar if need be.. or in sprouting trays. These are air sprouting with just water being added and drained 2 or 3x a day.


2) Tray of micro-greens, these are being grown in a base of soil and will be trimmed off with the base and the roots will be given to the birds and not eaten like the sprouted seeds will be!


3) Herbs and loose leaf lettuce mixes, these are being grown in the pots that impressed me enough to buy them and give them a tryout. They are quite deep pockets of soil and they have been seeded out into four kinds of herbs, three pots of chives and the rest are in a mixed lettuce seeds


Look at the depth in those, its as big as what you normally would move seedlings over to after the smaller seed pots.


Filled but still needed to be watered and seeded out yet..  Both trays also have full lids on them and they will have grow lights used on them that will be adjusted as required


I did each brand new today, so that if you choose to join with me, that we would be on even footing as I do my reports on how its all going thoughout feb, this set up should give me sprouts first, then mirco-greens, then fresh herbs for cooking and by the end of the month at least a bit of salad greens.. I hope.. the package says 45 days.. so we will see..

Soon enough we will get though this next extreme cold snap outside and I will start getting a number of winter sowing projects made and outside.. More on that later..


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