Week One in Grow Something Feb 2017

One week into the grow something for feb and I have some successes and some hmm

I have to own up that I have already snacking on the sprouts in the trays, but I have been good enough that I have not pulled the trays out of the dark and greened them up, so they are lovely pale and yellow.


As each tray is used in fresh, or cooked ways, I will be re-doing each one and I Will be starting the next four today as well.. bringing me back up to my standard 8 trays going at all times, I will do some different ones this week and will show them as we go along.. I will be starting pea shoot and mung beans today, they are soaking in their jars for 12 hours before going into their trays.


Sorry for the blurry photo, but you still get the idea.. the sprouts that are to become the micro greens are all up, and doing even better than I thought but I am being a bad plant mom as I didn’t realize that they needed their grow lights turned on already, and so they are growing a bit on a lean.. I have turned the tray and plugged in the lights and in a day or two at most they will be growing straight and proper, at this rate, I expect I will be harvesting them in week two or early week three. The purrpots were far to interested in them, I will need to get them some more cat grass sprouts started soon.


The loose leaf lettuce mixes are all up and in many cases over seeded and they like the above are leaning.. I should have checked them a big ago, but I knew they were good in their greenhouses and the weekend was all about outside work.. they are also now under the lights and will get growing in the right direction.

However all the rows of different herbs and chives are all currently nothing.. now it was old seed and I didn’t do a germination test on it.. so I might be out of luck, but I will give it longer to see.. I had hoped for fresh herbs by months end, even if just a touch.. I might be out of luck on that 🙂

Did you start any seeds? Anything up yet? Are you already starting to be able to use your sprouts in your daily meals?



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6 Responses to Week One in Grow Something Feb 2017

  1. quiltkat2 says:

    It’s amazing how quickly they grow.
    I’m behind on reading blogs and did not see your idea of growing something for Feb. I like that idea and need to do some for myself.
    Sprouting is a great start, Thanks

  2. I’ll be starting my seeds next week. This week I am testing the viability of some older ones.

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