Mad for Marmalade – Seville Orange Marmalade


Mad for Marmalade event inspired me to do one more marmalade canning session, leading to six a half pints..   I wanted to make one pure traditional  marmalade with Seville oranges and they were finally! in stock at Farmboy in the city and so hubby brought a bag full home.

Man, these oranges have one of the thickest rinds, and so I cleaned, cut and soaked for the full day to help soften them, and then I pre-cooked them in their water.. and I still was not happy with how firm they were.. so I hit them with a stick blender.. yes, it gives a different look then the slices but I wanted them in smaller bits.

Then I let it cool enough to handle, measured it out and went with a 1-1-1 recipe, 1 part of the orange mixed, 1 part water and 1 part sugar, boil till 220 and confirmed with a wrinkle test on a plate.


They cooked perfectly and they set up like a dream.. so much pectin them but this is one bitter marmalade.. hubby loves it, me not so much..  I love the blood orange and the kumquat are outstanding!

The Blood Orange for me was the perfect blend of orange, sweetness with that lovely under bite.. if you find the Saville to be too much, that would be what I recommend to make.

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6 Responses to Mad for Marmalade – Seville Orange Marmalade

  1. Widdershins says:

    Mmmm marmalade! 😀

  2. A Small Country Living says:

    [J] Mmmmmm marmalade! Your enthusiasm is infectious! Seville’s are the real deal, when it comes to Marmalade! That said, there’s a marmalade for every taste, it’s just that your husband’s taste is the same as mine.

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