Spring Cleaning.. April Mini Challange

My hands are softer and well worked at the same time.. its spring cleaning time..

Ah, Spring cleaning.. so much to in the coming month.. so much cleaning to do.. I honestly think that most folks who dream of the homestead, the little farm, the big gardens, the barns full of critters, they forget about the spring clean..

I laughed kindly, when my mom said, she would rake her yard and clean up the two little (under ten pound ) dogs poo that had been not spotted in her winter pickups.. How she is Alberta is melted out with no snow and I am still sitting under this kind of snow is beyond me and we have winds and snow on the forecast for both today and tomorrow but we also have rain coming and the rain will melt like there is not tomorrow and the last few days I can see the snow just dropping down.. I have rings of brown around the tree’s, I have brown piles rising above the snow.. as the solar heat sinking in to the horse piles are melting out faster due to the color difference LOL

My mom is coming in  May and let me tell ya, she keeps an amazing house, it’s a thing of beauty and work.. lots and lots of work, work to find as many of her belongs are well-kept second-hand as well and work to keep up on.

My standard house is never kept to my momma’s standards but I can bring it up and pretty close when I am willing to put in a few more hours daily than normal.. regardless of if my momma was coming , it’s still spring cleaning time both inside and outside.

Time to sort though, throw out broken things after they have been given the eye on if can have parts that are re-useable or cleaned and donated to the local Church basement to find a new home in the community.

So you can expect a number of posts though out the month dealing with spring cleaning, in the house, in the barns, in the yard and in the gardens..  I will be all over the place that I promise you.

On my list of spring cleaning, I have a note to write about

Fireflies and how to keep them in your yard (in a nut shell, don’t rake or clean that wet spot or higher grass spot in your yard)

Spring cleaning on your Beetle berm in the garden, do’s and don’ts

Composting in a number of ways

Pig Turning in pens – Red will be put to use in the barns

Using your Chickens to help work your compost

and Much more..

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