Introducing Red..

Our Little Helper Pig for 2017 has arrived on the farm, and with a little help of some grain tossed in the right area of the pen..  Red got to work already.

First things first, we need to train Pig, Pig means come to me and you will get a treat, and soon enough a scratch..  Such a cute weaner, a mix of Red wattle and Hampshire is what I have been told.

Only then will we start other standard basic command training..  I have lots of plans to put Red to work for me on the farm, the good thing is all I am asking for is all natural pig behavior.. win-win for both us.

And tonight, we start collecting the pig slop bucket and any extra milk will go to growing that wee babe.. I have to admit that I find the Pig trace tag to be quite ugly on such a little babe.

Its been years since I have only had one pig at a time, I know they prefer to have at least two but this year, I have so much pork in the freezers, that while I want the help of my farm pig, I just can’t justify raising two this year.

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