Sunday Garden Walk Around..

There are some spots that are melting out.. they are few and far between but they are there..

The front gardens are melting first as always..

The main garden is still under a goodly amount of snow cover that for sure. but as you can see from the fields its a honest cover. and its till everywhere yet.

but in the front on a higher spot and with drainage on either side, raised bed for the win 🙂 This one has covered today to create a heat sink and next week I will give a flat topping of soil and then it will get a hoop cover and be seeded out into spring greens, its three feet wide and 12 feet long.   Yes, that’s snow beside it on the low side.

The winter’s compost pile that will be worked on over the weeks and planted into a massive pumpkin planting area end of may is melted out with both the solar heating and the internal.. its edged to a water sink so that it will soak up the water from below and speed the composting process.

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4 Responses to Sunday Garden Walk Around..

  1. Widdershins says:

    Such a wonderful combination of science and art. 😀

  2. Oh My! You are so much colder than here. All that snow! I hope your summer window opens up soon so you can get planting.. c

    • I know Miss C, I have been looking at your photo’s with a sigh.. you are so much further then we are.. but they say we will have all plus temps this coming week and with rain as possible.. like I needed it wetter but it will help with the melt. the problem is that the ground is still frozen solid, so the melt is running, not sinking in.. been a strange spring for sure..

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