Hatch 1- Fertile Check

Life is blooming in Hatch 1! Man is it hard to be quick and try to get a photo of a back-lit egg that shows  those babies.. I was not able to show the veins that I could see with the naked egg but I am pretty sure you can see the basic “bloom” that shows the wee chick starting and I think this is the best photo I have at this stage to show the baby itself, it’s that little darker spot in the bloom..

I will continue to use the same egg on our amazing weekly checks to show how it is developing and hopefully a wee chick at the end..

When I am doing the eggs, I am moving fast.. pick, cup, light under and check and back into their spot, hubby has the paper all written out and he does the info impute, I don’t want to stop to do so as I want the least cooling of the eggs as possible.

I am pleased to say that out of our bought hatching eggs, we only had two infertile, and we have ten that are good, and in our self collected, sorted eggs, we have 100 percent fertility which is great but uncommon, I was aiming for 95% as a great mark.

So we started with 42 eggs and on our first fertile check, we are heading into week two with 40 eggs..

In keeping with egg news, we have a big old nest of Goose eggs that are being set on at this time.. so if all goes well we will have chicks and goslings at the end of the month, I hope to set a mix of chicks and ducklings or just all ducklings into Hatch 2, it’s still flexible at this point. I would really like my new pair to start laying.. but so far either she is very good at hiding where she is laying or she is taking her time getting use to the new digs



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4 Responses to Hatch 1- Fertile Check

  1. teslanomaly says:

    Eee! We used to raise several species of bird from eggs. I loved candling them and seeing that tiny black dot and spiderweb of veins develop into a baby bird.

  2. Widdershins says:

    What a wonderful pic … I’m going to love this series! 😀

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