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Farmgal’s Photography Jan 31st

This is the new BOSS sunflower seed only with suit feeders on the end.. so far I have not had a lot of the bigger birds use it, but the black Cap Chickadee’s love it! We got out to our … Continue reading

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Farmgal’s photography Jan 24th

I was zooming in to try and get those ears that were glowing with the sunlight coming though late afternoon, after I snapped the first picture, I realized that with a little bit of adjustment I could get a reflect.. … Continue reading

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Dogwood Photography Week 3

It was Week 3 for the Dogwood 52 Photography Challenge. Its been interesting to plan out the photo shoots and I had a crazy amount of good photos to choose from this week when it came to the final one. … Continue reading

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Dogwood Photography Week 2

Dogwood Photography Challenge Week 2 This is the official Photo.. Week 2 challenge was to use rule of thirds to show motion.. We had some fun on a private land that took us to a small lake that gave some … Continue reading

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Farmgal’s Photography 2019 Jan 10th

How is Thursday.. this week is just flying by.  This week.. we are focused on the orange kitties 🙂 LeeLoo was playing in the basket with a sunlit back drop by the window..  I did mess around with the coloring … Continue reading

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Hoarfrost Delight’s Photography

It was to be a sleep in sunday that just didn’t happen and I am so glad or I would have missed the Hoarfrost Delight and we all would have missed this photography post! I headed out onto the gardens, … Continue reading

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Happy Mother’s Day!

Wishing all my readers a wonderful mothers day! My dear hubby has been giving me a wonderful treat day and part of it was a drive and walks by river and cove’s..  Enjoy a peek at some of the area … Continue reading

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Overflowing the banks an rain on the way

They say we have a whole lotta rain coming our way in the next few days.. hmm These photo were all taken within walking distance of the farm.. but we still have a field or two that is not flooded … Continue reading

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Hatch 1- Fertile Check

Life is blooming in Hatch 1! Man is it hard to be quick and try to get a photo of a back-lit egg that shows  those babies.. I was not able to show the veins that I could see with the … Continue reading

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Sunday- Photo- A gentleman and his lamb..

Today has been a busy Sunday, we have had new lambs in the barn, we have moved this and that.. milking and much more going on.. so I was grateful when we stopped and took a break to work on … Continue reading

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