Food in Jars Challange 2017- Salt perserving- Salmon with Nettle

In week two of my months long Food in Jars Challenge 2017 – Salt preserving

Two lovely cuts of salmon were bought, thawed out and a bowl of salt-sugar at 50-50 in percent and a full cup of dried nettle greens where mixed together, into the bottom of the pan when about a 1/3rd of the mixture and on top of the salmon went the rest..  the mixture turned wet within 24 hours and I used a spoon to cover edges that had become exposed and the green bits leached color..  it was covered and left in the fridge for a total of four days before I used the first one as a lovely raw sliced, it had firmed up, the color brightened and I took thin slices for my home-made sour dough bread with keens mustard and radish sprouts into two bite delights.

The hit of chewy bread, hot mustard, the added crunch of the sprouts with the salty hit of salmon worked well for me indeed.


The next piece was allowed another day in the mixture and then it was pulled out and it was sliced lengthwise and rinsed and cooked just a bit.. I just wanted a bit of crispness to the edges.

It was then layered with a spicy mix of sprouts including my home-grown Bloody Dock (for that bite of lemon) sliced avocado and salmon, wrapped in a lovely rice paper


My sauce was made with a 50 percent mix of my homemade Hot pepper Jelly (mix of peppers grown here on the farm and canned for storage) with a touch of my horseradish and soy sauce mixed together. It was a perfect dip to my homemade spring rolls. I used this cute little bird salt and pepper set holder that my mom got me as the dipping sauce holder.. Adorable. Thanks Mom!


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3 Responses to Food in Jars Challange 2017- Salt perserving- Salmon with Nettle

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  2. cheri says:

    What a great idea, salmon happens to be my favorite fish, your spring rolls look fabulous too.

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