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Home Butchering -Saving Money

Let talk about butchering for moment shall we.. I normally say Freezer camp,  it my PC way for saying, killing, butchering and processing an animal raised for its flesh, hide, bones, feathers and blood. Today in the most gentle way … Continue reading

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Food Storage Friday- Garden Monday- This and That Post!

Wow, its been a crazy busy week, filled to the brim with great things but by the time I get done, I am crashing into bed and sleeping the dead LOL While this is offically a Food Storage Friday, its … Continue reading

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The Big Bad Boys!- Managing Aggression in your Bird Flocks.

Be it Gander, Tom, Rooster, or Drake, there is nothing quite as alarming as when your big boys turn on you and attack, what was a nice trip outside to the garden, or a pen cleaning or even a feeding … Continue reading

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Mini-Challange-Kicked Day 2

Well today was another cold wet and raining day but my apple mint is still green and going on Dec 6th!.  I did get a break in the afternoon just long enough to scoot out and get some of the year old … Continue reading

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A Swift Kick in the….

It’s been grey out, its raining again, the darn cold, wet wind is pushing me around, my foot hurts.. GET over it FarmGal, and get up and get it DONE! This is offically me kicking my own rear! Last week … Continue reading

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By-product of Duck Butchering-Down and Small Feathers-Part One

Now I think most folks can see that with the different new duck recipes appearing on the blog lately that I am doing a little of my fall bird butcher out, now its worth noting that for those that are wanting … Continue reading

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Duck Breakfast Sausage Patties or Meatball Recipe

One duck breast is melding away in its wonderful salt bath, but this morning, I deboned out the legs/thighs for both ducks, took out the grinder, ground the meat, along with half a white onion, one clove of a garlic … Continue reading

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Duck, Duck, Goose..

Nope, just duck! Lots and Lots of duck LOL Hold on fellew bloggers and my wonderful readers, the coming next series of post are all about how to butcher out your duck and then take all those parts and process … Continue reading

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Butchering out a leg of lamb

Now when you buy a whole or half a lamb, the odds are good that you will get tradional cuts done by the butcher unless you ask for something different, and they just love to give you a whole leg … Continue reading

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Canning Meat..

Well I have been listening to CBC news about what is happening to the markets, to the riots in london, to the debt crisis that just keeps growing in Europe and the United States, and listening to Harper who is … Continue reading

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