Duck, Duck, Goose..

Nope, just duck! Lots and Lots of duck LOL Hold on fellew bloggers and my wonderful readers, the coming next series of post are all about how to butcher out your duck and then take all those parts and process them and or giving idea’s or recipes for each part.

As I wanted to do a cornucopia of things (don’t you just love that word LOL), I butchered out two ducks, one big Muscovy drake and one Muscovy/Swedish Cross Hen. I skinned them out, and deboned the breasts, cut the legs and thighs as one peice, and took the backs/necks for broth making. Kept back the livers, the hearts, the gizzards, and all the fat trimming that I could get off, including cutting off stripes off the skin itself.

Livers to be made into Pate, The hearts are going into a yummy Curry Dish, the gizzards are going to be used in a stew dish, the skin off the gizzards is being dried, will be ground into a powder and I am going to try a old idea I found in a book that say it will work as rennet for cheese making, we will see if it does or not!

So far, I have rendered out the duck fat, they gave me over two cups and I would have alot mroe if I had been willing to pluck instead of skin, which I will do on a future butcher outs, The cracklings are like little bacon bits left over in the fat, and I have set it aside to use egg dish.

The neck and backs are currently being simmered down into wonderful broth, which will be pressure canned up and be available for later use.- Made a total of 4 quarts of full strength broth.

The legs and Thighs are going to be de-boned and I will be making Spiced Duck patty sauage or meatballs from them..

One of the breasts will be made into Duck Prosciutto, one breast is planned to be made into Glazed Duck Breast with Current/High Bush Cranberry gravy with barley/wild rice side dish.  Then comes Stuffed Duck Breast with Apple-Cinnamon Glaze, and last but not least is Duck with Blueberry and roasted fall veggies..

Boy writing it all out makes me hungry already, if anyone has something that they would like made instead, write and let me know about a recipe and I will give it a try! Each recipe will be broken down into its own post, I’ve learned when I lump them together, even Ican’t find them after awhile on the blog, this will allow me to link them up to this post and put them in the new recipe page.

I noticed that many duck recipes either called for Red Current, Cranberry or High Bush Cranberry jelly, and so today I pulled out pre-done juice and made a duck jelly, its a 50/50 mix of red current and High bush Cranberry and its so good! wow, I am going to make that combo again even if its not for duck use. If you have the chance to mix those two together, do give it a try, both are good on their own but together, they just bring out the best in a combo!

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4 Responses to Duck, Duck, Goose..

  1. Deb W says:

    You ever thought of opening a restaurant or B&B? OMG, have you ever got my juices flowing just reading that list on the menu.

    • No, I worked in a number of different restaurants for about eight years or so, I know just how much work it takes to be successful at it and I know how many fail, I love to cook but I will save it for family and friends.

      I worked all spots in the kitchen, but my favorite was always plating, it was to me the best spot in the kitchen, I did the calling, and the finish work.. I have to admit that I do miss not having things prepped and ready to cook with at my finger tips at times..

  2. How did you get over the process of butchering animals that you’ve raised? I’ve been toying with the idea if I should butcher my laying hens when they’re past their laying days or just let them live out their days in the coop.

    • Hi Julie

      Well, its a matter of a couple different things to tell the truth

      1) I was raised with it, so for me it been a part of my world from the time I can remember.

      Now DH was not raised with it, and here is his comment on getting over the process.. “The first few times was Awful! As time passed I become more expecting of the animals being raised for the purpose of butchering. Frankly I got better at doing it, so the act itself was faster and done perfectly the first time and I let myself be unhappy and or sad about it and allow myself to feel for what has happened”

      2) I like to eat meat, and I like the extra produces, eggs, milk etc that the farm critters can bring to our table, and I would raither eat meat that I know comes from a animal that has had fresh air, sunshine, room to move, fresh greens and has been treated with respect, then buy meat that I know has been raised in ways I don’t agree with.

      3) Space, time and money, I kept this last because its more about the cold hard facts, I only have so much room in my coops and outside bird pens, I only have so much time to give to daily chores and weekly chores etc, and I only want to spend so much on feed,

      This means that when winter comes, those that have been born that are not being kept for replacement, need to be sent to freezer camp, as for the chickens,

      While I do keep chickens for up to three or four years, much longer then most folks do and feel they lay enough or raise enough chickens to earn their keep, I can’t really afford to not replace the older hens with new layers, I want to be able to count of a reliable number being laid for farm use, which means new layer flocks of so many girls need to come in each year and that means that a certain number of birds need to go to freezer camp each year as well.

      Hope that helps a little..

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