A Swift Kick in the….

It’s been grey out, its raining again, the darn cold, wet wind is pushing me around, my foot hurts.. GET over it FarmGal, and get up and get it DONE!

This is offically me kicking my own rear! Last week was sad, I read books, curled up with blankets and purrpots and hounds sleeping on my feet, I’ve been listening to soft and wonderful christmas music, I’ve napped in the afternoon, not because I was up at 5am and want to stay up past 7pm to be with hubby but just cuz, I could and its dark by 3:30 around here..

I went shopping on the weekend, got some great deals and everything will be put to good use, but I wondered around the stores, up and down, just looking.. What the! So much to do, never enough time to do it, and I stood and pushed singing santa’s and laughed like a little girl at them.. I picked up things that I know I am never going to buy and said things like.. do you think mom might like this. or O that’s so cute, what a fluffy cuddley stuffie..

Ok, so lets set some public goals this week and have to prove with photos that I got it done!

1) I will get caught up on the laundry, I will get all the summer/light fall cloths put away, and I will get the winter cloths out, cleaned and into use, I will get the laundry room emptied and a good clean out..

2) I will can 7 pints of beans each day, as I am low on canned beans, and I will not pay the price in the store, when I can my own! Considering I have tons in the dry form in storage.

3) I will can 7 pints of soup or stew each day at the same time as the beans, I want to get a bigger choice down in the celler for over the holidays for DH. Plus why waste the space in my pressure canner, might as tag team them.

4) I will get the rest of the compost on the area’s its required in the gardens and spread out for winter..

5) I will butcher birds this week! I am not setting a high on this, but I will set a low, I must butcher at least ten birds this week of whatever type I choose..

I will update on how it goes this week, How about you? Anything you are putting off that you want to take on as a mini-challange this week and join me? Let me know in the comments..

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9 Responses to A Swift Kick in the….

  1. MUST go through my boxes of jarred food and sort them. The problem with having them in boxes is that I filled each box with the same item. So … when I want canned corn, I have to move a half dozen heavy boxes off it. I need to go through them, inventory, and put an assortment in each box. The whole darn kitchen needs to be inventoried.

    Clothes – once again, it’s time for going through and pruning. As small as our wardrobe is, I want it smaller, simpler, easier to deal with. That’s just an ongoing thing as we figure out what we *really* need, what we want to take to our doomstead when it’s time.

    Last week, Mr D brought home another 25 pounds of Ambrosia apples from work. They must be dealt with this week.

    I’m finding this grey wet weather depressing. 4C and raining on December 4th.

  2. Daisy says:

    Feeling the exact same way here, Farmgal. I just have no desire to do anything. I need the kick in the pants too, so I’ll take your challenge. πŸ™‚ This week I will finish working through the carrots and leeks for the freezer (haven’t even touched the leeks yet), get all the perishable stuff out of the back kitchen and into the basement, pick the rest of the kale (by flashlight if I have to) and get to the bulk store for Christmas baking supplies. I’m feeling a bit under the weather physically too, so between that and work I think that list is do-able.

  3. CallieK says:

    It’s bleak here too. Yesterday I didn’t even get dressed and today is starting out much the same although at least I’ve been vaccuuming and washing floors in my pj’s. By tomorrow I have no choice tho- I start my new job- more on that later!

    • Nothing wrong with housecleaning in PJ’s, I wear old fashion house dress’s around the farm and often get a look but dang they are comfortable. New job?? Congrats! I will look forward to hearing more..

      Callie, is there a way for you to put a sign up by email on your blog, so that I could get your new posts that way when they come out, Doomers new site is great but I sure miss getting to see that active blog roll she had on her other blog, it was so awesome to be able to see who had new posts in a glance. I missed your last new post and didn’t even see it for three days.. Boo, I don’t want that to happen again if I can help it.

  4. Deb W says:

    Hey FarmGal, It must be this infernal grey weather, ’cause so far it’s unanimous. Don’t even want to leave the house for firewood!
    But speaking of doing things the easiest/cheapest way, do you use a root cellar for storing your tubers? The farm cellar was totally passive (well, except one bare bulb for light) and we still had veggies buried in the dampened sand in March/April that were still like the day we pulled them out of the garden.
    (Wish I had one here):

    • Might need the firewood to help keep you warm while you are being a winter slug πŸ™‚

      I wish that I had a proper root cellar, I do have and use the old part of the house as a cellar and it does the job fairly well but if I wanted a proper root celler, I would need to put in a building and then have a hill built over it, I’m on both natural flattish river bottom land, and my water table is WAY to high, depending on the place, digging deep enough to plant a tree can get you a hole half filled with water..

      The first spring after we bought, it flooded, the roads around me closed, then I watch the big fields around me flood out, one after another, and still the water came, until it was in our pastures, and I was totally freaking as it kept coming.. would it come to the house, would it go over to the big barn.. Ahhhh, it came up 3/4 of the one pasturea and then held and slowly went down over the next day or two.. I asked Farmer R, had our house ever flooded out and he said to the best of his knowledge no, and in the years since, we have seen the flood waters come and go, but to date, never to the barn’s or the house, its never even made it to the garden, always stops so far into the one pasture, but hubby and I have talked about the fact that without the working dam up the river, in a true push come shove, we would most likely have water issues.. I understand that before the land around me was tiled that it was really hard to get out onto in time for spring planting.

  5. Deb W says:

    Ah yes, the price we pay for that rich river-bottom land that grows so well, eh?

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