A mouse tale…

A few of you might remember me writing about the mouse in the bedroom, well I have set traps, the food gets taken, the mouse walks away, I have cleaned, then set out different traps, left the bait, mouse walks away.. third kind of trap, Trap 0, mouse 3

Got one of my best mousing cats, I have seen this cat bring me mice, rats, squirrels, and every baby bird on the farm, and put her on the bedroom, opened all the drawers and let her go at it.. Nothing! Mouse 4- Traps/Cat 0

Time to bring in the big guns, I brought in my best hunter hound, lets call her the black goddess, and this wonderful pup is a natural mouse hunter, she caught her first sandpiper on the river banks at six months, she is trained to track on the farm, and will help me hunt out those bad raccoon’s, they can’t hide from her, put on her tracking harness and tell her to find it, and she will bay the spot, if something is out of place, she can find it.. Missing eggs.. Let her smell one and then tell her.. Find it, and watch her go to ground an sweep back and forth..

So into the cave we went, mighty hunter and dog.. ah.. Farmgal and Black Goddess I mean and I took her to the drawer, that I know they have been making home and sure enough, openned it and I was just fast enough to catch site of a small grey tail..

Drawers taken out, things pulled away from walls, bed flipped up, and the black goddess was on the trail.. HERE FG, whine, even scatch at the area, Three times we were able to track and get that blasted @#$&^@^ mouse out on the floor and the Black goddess ran into walls, into the bed, over the bed, head first into trunks, and three times that little so an so, made its way to freedom.. Mouse 5-Traps/Cat/Dog-FG-0

Finally I said, ENOUGH, and put out the glue traps, I don’t like to use glue traps, I really don’t but overnight, two mice were caught and dealt with, and I ran the black goddess though the room for a search and she didn’t cue at all.. Excellent!

However tonight, she went to the front door area and started giving me cue’s, as I was on the computer and the old cats were in the crate getting their special food, I thought she was just sounding off at them, but then I heard a whine and her special half woofs and she scratched, and Dh went to see what it was, he pulled out the boot totes, and the bench and Black Goddess did a mad scramble and in 6 seconds flat, looked at me with a big old fat field mouse in her mouth, crunch, crunch, spit it out, and give the other hounds the “mine look” Dh went for the dustpan, I went for something out of the fridge to trade the prize for.. she was grateful to trade cooked meat for the body, and then did the dance of joy, when lots of good girls and pats where given.. Strangely all kiss’s from her where off the table.. ehhh!

So I looked at my house cats and gave a little lecture.. Purrpots need to stop slacking, its one thing to have a single mouse make it past the farm cats and then somehow make it passed the house cats to the no cat area, but TWO of them.. hmmm and then to have a mouse show up at the front door area of my living room.. here’s hoping that is the last of them this fall/winter.

Had to laugh, just moments after my post went up, this post came in my mailbox, I had to share..



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10 Responses to A mouse tale…

  1. I need borrow your dog! That’s my problem. I’m using the wrong beasts!

  2. Deb W says:

    You know, I wasn’t having any luck with traps either; that is until I jammed a piece of rag under the curled part of the trigger. Then, once I got that scrap of cloth loaded up with peanut butter, and the nervy little buggers really start to enjoy chowing down… WHAM! (Works every time; )

  3. Pam says:

    I just don’t get it, there’s millions of acres out there for wild creatures, and they just have to move in where they HAVE to die!

    • Deb W says:

      (They don’t call them “creature comforts” for nothing; )

    • Hi Pam

      I hear you, I know that this year is a bad one for the fields around me, it was in soybean and has been all plowed under for the winter, so they all being pushed into my farm as I still have a more natural landscape but stay out of my house/buildings and make the hay fields your friend and I will leave you alone to do your thing..

  4. annieriedora says:

    I need a cat. Last year for the first time in the seven years here, a field rat chewed through the attic eaves and was trying to work his way down into the walls. We could not get him using any conventional traps and had to resort to the zapping electric one baited with chicken bones, and then, twice the bugger got them out the back without going in. Finally, tying them down inside got him. He was huge and ugly.

    Love your blog, by the way. I am new to blogging and fairly new to managing a large crazy piece of land. You give me inspiration.

    • Wow, chewed though the eaves and into the walls, either a cat or a good ratter breed of farm dog, I can just imagine that it was indeed driving you crazy, I am sure you must have been able to hear him at work up there.. We do have rats on the farm now and again but they don’t last long, the dogs hunt them at adult size and the cats take out all young ones.

      Glad you like the blog, its a fun thing to do, and its always crazy when you are looking after and using your land πŸ™‚

      • annieriedora says:

        Yeah, we have a shake roof. The vented areas weren’t that strong on the old roof. We knew it was time to replace it this summer. The money sump, right? Pouring money into fixing everything πŸ˜‰


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