Dark Day’s Meal -Week One Nov 27th to Dec 4th

I’m quite excited Dark Days Eating local challange has started, and this year, I am SO! ready, I have tracked down sources and gotten things that last year I could either not find or could not find at a price I was willing to pay, I raised, grew and looked and found local U-picks to make up what I could not grow on the farm, I carefully made batches of on farm or within my hundred mile food shed things and marked them, to tell the difference between them and local to my province or the next province over as they are within that hundred mile mark..

They say we are to lay out our Dark Day rules before we start and then post on how it goes following them, I am going with the basic’s, Spices are allowed, (I did track down salt in my province this time, so its much more local then last year), I am allowing myself, baking Powder, Baking Soda as allowed, Homemade canned things from the cellar are allowed.

As like last year my extra’s are that at least 50% of my Dark Day Meals need to come from the farm itself, and all items from the farm will be listed in Italics..

Stewed Lamb Chops in Rhubarb Relish , with boiled baby potato’s,  Frozen Diced Red Peppers, Re-hyrdrated Diced Onion. Diced Burdock Root and Daylily flowers, Fresh Mushrooms with fresh grated Horseradish, in a touch of butter, seasonings. Homemade Elderberry Tea with Local Raw Honey

Off-Farm Items and their sources.. Butter-St. Albert, Mushrooms- St. Isadore, Honey-Six farms down the road

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4 Responses to Dark Day’s Meal -Week One Nov 27th to Dec 4th

  1. Fantastic! I love the homemade elderberry tea with Raw honey too 🙂

  2. Rachel says:

    Wow – your meal looks delicious. I’ve never considered eating daylilies before – what do they taste like?

    • Hi Rachel

      Thanks so much for the comment, Daylilies fresh are crunchy with a sweetness, Dried daylilies are used in place in many dishes as a type of muchroom.. they are great, I did a whole post on them and how to use or dry them, if you use the search on the blog, you will be able to see it, I even put up a picture that showed the sizes to collect etc.

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