Food Storage Friday- Garden Monday- This and That Post!

Wow, its been a crazy busy week, filled to the brim with great things but by the time I get done, I am crashing into bed and sleeping the dead LOL

While this is offically a Food Storage Friday, its also a Garden Monday and this and this post! Expect anything and everything on this one!

So first up, how is your spring calander looking, mine is full, there is something on it I swear every single day and on the weekends, I have few days coming that are double or even triple booked, I am not sure how it happened.. O ya.. about six weeks ago (before gardening really started) I said to my hubby, i need more things to do off the farm this year! and started looking!

Well, let just say I jumped both feet in! I broke down and joined the local (well its a bit of a drive but its only a few blocks from my regular feed store) Gym, mainly so that I could start swimming again and taking aqua fit classes, once I get to the point I am happy twice a week water workouts, I hope to add in a once a week weight lifting class for an hour. So let me tell you, I hurt! I’m not kidding, the day after at times, I feel like I have been beat up to a point, once I stretch and get going, I’m good but if I sit, I stiffen up and o-yva! LOL

It will get better, and I feel so good doing it, but the old body says.. whoa the next day, which means it’s doing its job!

So this past weekend, I have a little meeting set up for some fellow ladies that have the same interests as me in regards to gardenings and looking after your own, I was sad not to get to meet one of the ladies, and hope that at some point in the future to do so, I think from that I have read about her, that is would be a great person to get to know, however we did have one lady (waving hello ) show up for lunch and little plant giving, it was a great visit and I know that I was a bit amazed at just how much we had in common in a number of ways.. I know that we both would like to get together again at some point later in the year when the gardens etc are done, I think I will see if we can’t have a mid summer meet as well as a fall one. If you love gardening, camping, farming and believe that we should stand on our own two feet and your in the ottawa area, write me a message and I will put you on the list to be let know about the get togethers πŸ™‚

Then comes one of my old hounds, she had a hard week and so we have been providing extra care in that regards, but I can see a slow steady recovery at this time, it won’t happen overnight but each day, she is a bit more herself and I have to admit that I have cried more times this week then I want to admit, so I can’t honestly express properly just how happy I was that she felt well enough to join in the barking of the pack yesterday, both DH and I laughed that it would be something to be happy about, but for a couple days there, no barking and just barely tail wagging was just heart breaking.. so to see the tail up and going, and the woofs was uplifting!

Got out to a fellow SCA house and we made and froze 15 cheese and onion pies for a coming event in May, and had a good visit at the same time, I can see that I will very much enjoy getting to know her better and that we work well together in the kitchen, always a good thing when you are planning a meal for a hundred together πŸ™‚

This weekend I have been able to find out about a Hugelculture event, (Thanks again Wilderness for the info) and while I will only be able to attend the morning events as I already had plans for that evening, I am very much looking forward to the list of seminars being offered, and will for sure do a overview of them on the blog. I think? that Dh might be willing to come with me, which would be a good thing indeed as there are two seminars in each morning time slot for a total of six, and If I go alone, I will only be able to take three of them but if DH comes, we can split up and take in all six and then take notes and share.. Ya Teamwork..

So many things are being planted in the garden at this time, its a daily thing, but everythign planted in the manure hot bed in the horse trough are up and going strong, I will take a photo next week for you πŸ™‚ The rhubarb is up and the biggest are at least six inches long, the mints are going like crazy and the wild voilets are up a good three inches or so, the daylily’s are eight or nine inches high and the baby elderberries are popping up like wildfire πŸ™‚

We got a good soaking rain last night and boy did we need it, it will go along way to help the pastures, the garden and to filling up my waiting rain barrels, we did get a single hard frost this week, it was not a bad timing to be honest, it didn’t do any damage and it hopefully told everything to “slow down”

In regard to food storage itself, I butchered out five roosters this past week, and lost one duck to a being egg bound, sad that one, but it does happen now and again.. My big thing in regards to the food storage is doing inventory! I really, really need to go though everything and figure out what we have left, while it was hinted at that we could just count empty jars and get a overview that way :).. I want and need to go the other way and count and put down what I have left in each thing, it will really help me figure out just how much to put up this year in the big pantry.

Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend and see you all on monday!

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2 Responses to Food Storage Friday- Garden Monday- This and That Post!

  1. Have a great weekend. It looks like you’ve got a lot to keep you busy πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ Love and hugs from the ocean shores of California, Heather πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  2. Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

    “Slow Down!” sure would be good advice… There are June bugs out already; toads are crossing the road at night and were singing their brains out all day today. There are 6-8 inches of rhubarb stem, peonies are around a foot, 2-3″ tall oriental lilies, echinacea’s up too. Butterfly bush’s leaves have broke, apple, pear and lilac flowers are all ready to explode. It’s just started to really rain tonight (but I’m pretty sure I heard something about a frost warning on the radio this weekend?) Wow!?!
    SO glad your old girl is doing better!
    Good luck with keeping all of your irons in the fire! Think I’m going to start calling you the Energizer Bunny FarmGal (EB for short; ) Happy weekend and definitely wishing you more rain for your barrels…

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