Building a stone boat for Girl..

Well, I have not given up on the idea of a proper cart for girl, I am putting away the funds for her proper gear and wow, I don’t think I ever really understood the money involved with in regards to tack, it was just always there in the barns when I needed it as a child and as a teen and even into my 20’s when I went to work with horses.

My poor DH is having fits at the costs of outfitting my darling draft cow, but we have reached the point where it “just needs to be done” I can’t move forward in her training or to be honest, move forward in using her, the training is there, its time to get off the pot and get it done!

Thankfully I already have my single draft garden  plowing tool, I am really enjoying the trail’s and packing with Girl but as nice as it is, its not very productive at this point.. and I am giving up what could be productive time on the farm to take the cow for walks, good in some ways, she got to meet stranger folks and dogs and horses this weekend and I just love her manners, sometimes she surprises me, as she tends to have better manners with vistors at times then she does with me at times, granted to be honest, she only pushs it when out of gear, never in gear.. and she always meets folks while in gear..

I was asked this weekend if I was going to take her to the local fair this summer, I will have to think about it.. I don’t know if I want to do that or not.. it might be very good training for her but I will have to figure out a number of things.. I think next year is more likely..

So as a proper stone boat can be built in a day, its on the hit list for this spring, updates will follow!

Girl in her Fancy New Black with Bling Black Leather Halter, I love it, so much easier to put on then her old one, this one is simple snap on and off and while I know you can’t see if easily in this photo, it has a moving side to side action on the bottom ring, which is great, as long as it’s self hanging and the rope is loose, then I can “see” that I am not guiding her with the rope even when she is on it when using commands.

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3 Responses to Building a stone boat for Girl..

  1. Update, I have started the process of ordering Girls Single Yoke and Britchen, and here is hoping that it will last at least a year or more before she outgrows it, assuming that she will do so at least once.. I am so very excited!

    But have to wait for Dh to be home tomorrow to get the require measurements,will keep you updated on the process, I decided that if I was going to buy from someone in the states, that I would support Ox Hill Devons, I know, that I don’t really know him, but at least I feel I do a bit between his comments here, and his website. It just makes me feel a little less ahh about ordering and sending the funds that I will in fact get what I order sent to me.

    He was great to talk to on the phone and was very kind with my many questions, and I feel really good moving forward on it!

  2. Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

    Congratulations on Girl’s new bling (and bling-to-be; ) and thanks too for the great visual of taking your cow for a walk! 😀

  3. Kodi says:

    Oh, she looks so pretty! I got my yoke from Tim Huppe of Berrybrook Farm. They are very courteous, helpful, and fast as well. His daughter also sells arts and pieces for making and repairing ox equipment, including horn caps, chains, bows, etc.. Did you check out Prairie Ox Drovers? There’s a good article about single draft animals, and harness vs. yoke, addressing budget and availability concerns as well. Yes, the equipment cost is hard to swallow, until you compare it to the cost of a modern tractor and accessories. And I don’t know about you, but I can’t grow gasoline but I can grow hay! 😉 (DIY harness). (single ox yoke). (lots of fun people, lots of fun topics.). I am so glad Girl is turning out well for you, and that you are able to use her frequently.

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