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The next part of my Family Milk Cow Journey with Girl

Girl will be two years old in July, and I am so very excited to annouce that yesterday, she was bred, we will of course have to wait a full month to see if she took? or if she comes … Continue reading

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Building a stone boat for Girl..

Well, I have not given up on the idea of a proper cart for girl, I am putting away the funds for her proper gear and wow, I don’t think I ever really understood the money involved with in regards to … Continue reading

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Digging for my lunch! I’m having Burdock and Dandelion root with a dessert of nettle…

Well, I had Girl tied out for grazing in the main yard and she was within reach of a old compost pile that grows stinging nettle, dandelion and Burdock root for me as a kind of spring wild kitchen garden … Continue reading

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Single Draft Cow Training..

Oxen in training.. Ah, I have been trying to spend at least half an hour each day on training girl and in so many ways its showing, the road work is helping harden and work her feet (a very good … Continue reading

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March Challange 4th- I love my draft cow!

The weather is better today but I needed to do more hauling and the drifts are wicked to say the least, I had let Girl out to feed at the big hay feeder and then looked at her, and thought.. … Continue reading

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Inroducing “Smarty” Pants the Baby Beef Bull Calf

Now, I am thrilled that Girl will be old enough to be breed in the next few months, depending on her size, we will go by size more then age per say, either way, she won’t be having a calf … Continue reading

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Happy B-day Girl..

My how now brown cow is offically one year old, I can’t believe it really, she is a teenager.. How fast the time has gone, from this as a baby.. I remember when we brought you home, you blinked your … Continue reading

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Learning Curve-Hauling Hay in a very old fashion way

I swear this seemed like such a simple idea, I had my ox book and it showed how to tie the load to the Girl, and it said, just roll the hand cut and dried hay into bundles, that was … Continue reading

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Baby Oxen in training and a good visit.

Hi Guys, how about a little cow love today! I got to slip away from the folks for the afternoon and go visit a old friend of mine and her family, we all meet in collage, and her and I were roommates … Continue reading

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A even dozen- new little peeping ducklings

Our first clutch of ducklings have arrived, three more are being currently sat on, Dh has informed me that our first little peepers have safely hatched out, they are currently spending their first couple days in one of our big … Continue reading

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