A even dozen- new little peeping ducklings

Our first clutch of ducklings have arrived, three more are being currently sat on, Dh has informed me that our first little peepers have safely hatched out, they are currently spending their first couple days in one of our big rabbit hutches with their mom to give them a great head start, they have both a outdoor and indoor area, and momma duck called them back an forth. Soon they will be moved out to the main duck area, and be back with the main flock. The other girls all started sitting around the same week, so it will interesting to see how many they hatch out, if they all do a dozen, that’s 48 ducks for freezer camp later in the season.

DH says that he has been working in the gardens, and building my new gate for me, I am quite excited to see that gate, Its something I have been asking for awhile but we have been making do.

Now is it any real surprise to you, that I am also currently in the process of helping my momma put in her garden at her new place? So today we headed out to the garden center and picked up new current bushes, High Bush Cranberry, two new rhubarb plants (plus one for my dad’s farm as surprise, so hope he does not read this post tonight), and four kinds of tomato’s and four peppers, along with a few flowers my mom got that where her mother’s favorite, and I picked up a lovely orange correl bell for mom, one of the few none food plants I truly adore.

And then came all the garden seeds, I will share with photos if it ever stops raining.. so you know how it is when you go back to your old home town, how is it that you can STILL after being gone for close to 20 years run into your old high school friends, amazing really.

I wanted to have a visit with a collage friend of mine that now has a farm half way between my mom’s place and my dad’s farm but I had forgot her phone number and its unlisted, only in a small town can you just call someone listed “with” the same last name and say. are you related to K-bear and hubby, and turns out, he was a cousin, and I explained I was a old friend, and before I got the numbers, got asked some real O so causal questions, that a friend would know the answer to, but no one else would, thankfully I passed the test 🙂 and was able to get her number and will be heading out to her farm to have visit later this week, I can’t wait to see her and the kids but I am also excited to see how her own team of baby oxen are coming along, and to maybe find a bit of time to work with them, I want to see the difference between me working a single with Girl vs working a team of baby boys.

Can’t wait to show you the photos of the wild saskatoons out on dad’s farm, they are all in full bloom at this time, and mom and I are planning a pie making hour of hours so will soon share how to make a amazing saskatoon pie.

Any new babies on your homesteads? Any new plantings in the garden? Ever had Saskatoon Pie?

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4 Responses to A even dozen- new little peeping ducklings

  1. Daisy says:

    I know exactly what you mean about running into people from highschool, except I’m the one people are usually running into since I’m one of the few who either stayed or came back to the old ‘hood. Usually it’s really nice, but I’ve been known to dodge an ex or two in a store from time to time. LOL

    Congrats on the new peepers…pictures please!! Oh and I can’t say I’ve ever even had a saskatoon, let alone a whole pie of them. 🙂

  2. As soon as Dh sends me pictures, I will share with you, I am slowly finding time to work on the saskatoon post and the pie, I was so bad, I eat two peices, but they don’t grow in ontario, I have planted them twice and both times they have died, even with me trying to figure out why, but in the west, the ones made in the pie were the size of a big wild blueberry, and on my dad’s farm, he has a whole hillside filled with them in bloom at this time of the year.

    • Deb W says:

      Oh, you are going to be SO happy when you read this, ’cause I’m in Ontario and I also have had a Saskatoon bush in my backyard for oh, maybe 10 years now? She’s well over 10′, I’d guess. (Never really measured it before; ) And I’ve never really managed to beat the birds to the fruit either: ( , but they are out in bloom right now and lookin’ good!

      • That’s awesome, I will not give up then and will try planting them again, where did you get yours and what type did you plant? I can also bird net them if I have to, but I have enough farm cats that the birds don’t get the better of my fruit bushes and tree’s.

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