Happy B-day Girl..

My how now brown cow is offically one year old, I can’t believe it really, she is a teenager.. How fast the time has gone, from this as a baby.. I remember when we brought you home, you blinked your big brown eyes to see the sun for the first time, and you didn’t even have the strength to walk to the barn, DH had to carry you to your calf shed and paddock.

Now look at you at a year old out grazing in the pasture, getting your cow thing on!

Her ox training is going well, getting better with age and working.. her first load hauled was a sled full of tools, this summer she got to haul in some hay, once we got the equipment figured out, it went fairly well but I will be happy when she is full grown and DH finished making me my stone boat for moving things around.

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2 Responses to Happy B-day Girl..

  1. northernnarratives says:

    Hi. I just discovered your great blog. Happy birthday brown cow. Judy

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