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Marty Update- one more month to go..

Well, my lovely Marty Boy, aka Curly Top (for the way his hair is all curly at the top of his head, like a little curl cap) is growing well, just a good boy, he has in truth never given … Continue reading

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Doing the snoopy dance! – Girl didn’t cycle this month!

I’m so excited, I’m so excited!! LOL Well, Girl was cycling perfectly, then she got breed, and this month, nothing.. I have been checking her daily and nothing, Marty agree’s with me.. no heat this month.. which means that the … Continue reading

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Girl and Marty-Cow Updates

Well, its been a long slow week with regards to Girl and her healing foot, she is slowly walking better each day, she is a just a little bit less stiff each day, I am keeping a very close eye … Continue reading

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Inroducing “Smarty” Pants the Baby Beef Bull Calf

Now, I am thrilled that Girl will be old enough to be breed in the next few months, depending on her size, we will go by size more then age per say, either way, she won’t be having a calf … Continue reading

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