Marty Update- one more month to go..

Well, my lovely Marty Boy, aka Curly Top (for the way his hair is all curly at the top of his head, like a little curl cap) is growing well, just a good boy, he has in truth never given me to date a moment of trouble in any way.

He came big and healthy, he loved his sheep friend, he took to his hay like a champ, he was a easy bucket baby and once he got big enough, he joined Girl in the pasture, he has spent the summer grazing, with a side of hay (we need to start feeding extra hay in july, due to the dry conditions and the fact that the sheep will graze the pasture down way past happy healthy cow grazing height, we did however keep just over a acre in tie out cow higher grasses that they got put out on all spring/summer and into the fall.

You will noticed the very low cost in bedding, that’s a combo effect of a) being out on the pasture, the cows come into the barn in really bad weather otherwise, they are sleeping outside and so we cleaned the barns and have not re-bedded it down to date b) we are raking up and using the spillage from the hay feeder as extra bedding this summer, therefor the cost is being used in the feed cost, instead of in the bedding costs.

So far to date here is his breakdown..

To date Marty cost’s are $820 Oct 2012

  • Marty-$150.00 **
  • Milk replacer-$320.00 *
  • Feed-$48.00
  • Baking Soda- $2
  • Hay-$260
  • Bedding-$40

?? Water costs? I had to fill the well and the pool at a cost of 300 plus tax due to the dry summer but that was for house and farm use, and I am really unsure how to figure out if I should even add this to his line, I mean I would have had to buy that water for the house either way, the fact that I had them fill the pool with the second half of that water and then used if for garden and farm animal use is ??

According to my measuring tapes, Marty is right around the 800 pds mark, and Girl is 1200 pds or 1250 ish, and in case you were wondering, Miss Piggy is over 400 pds and Brandy is coming in around 1300 pds. The average lamb is 80 to 90 pds an the average ewe is about 120.

So that means if my tape is right, and all the books are right and I get about 50 to 55% of hanging weight, that should give me right around 400 pds or so of beef..

Now locally if you go to organic beef, and look at the CSA’s in this regards, you can average on whole and half’s about 4.25 per pd, so that would be 1700 or so, but if you go from the whole to half to the smaller sizes in buying, the price goes crazy high for pasture raised beef, a couple places are offering 80 pds (40 hamburger, 20 roasts, 20 steaks) for 680, that is 8.50 per pd, that would take Marty’s return value up to around.. 3400

I refuse to look at the price in the stores and compare him to a large scale raised beef..  but lets meet in the middle here, if the low end locally appears to be 4.25 and the high seems to be 8.50, the middle ground is 6.40, so I am going to round that up to 6.50 per pd.. for 2600..

While Marty is not a true 0 mile boy, he is very much a 100 mile calf, he was born five min drive away, it would take about an hour or so to walk from where he was born to my farm, the milk replacer was made and produced just outside montreal, heading my way, the grain he was feed as a calf was raised locally and bought locally, the bedding and the hay was all raised locally within a 20 mile circle around the farm itself and he will be hauled to the local butcher less then a 20 min drive from the farm(at country road speeds)

If you raised a calf this year for the freezer, how are you feeling about the process? Did you feel it was worth it? I am at that point, where I am trying hard to let go in regards to both marty and the lambs, the lambs are mob and so that is much easier, Marty however is a sweetheart, gentle and as friendly as can be.. not near as easy..



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2 Responses to Marty Update- one more month to go..

  1. Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

    After the XL beef fiasco, growing your own would be worth it at twice the price. Having said that, and just to play the devil’s advocate, Marty sounds like the perfect candidate to pass on his genetics… Can’t remember if that’s even still possible? Or if he’s related to Girl?

    • He is a very good good choice for passing on some genes, and as long as all goes well, one or two of his littles ones will be coming early this spring, he is daddy to girls expecting wee one or ones.. Given that both Girl and Marty are both twins, the odds are up there that she could have twins as well. Not related to girl, different mothers/lines and two different fathers

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