Inroducing “Smarty” Pants the Baby Beef Bull Calf

Now, I am thrilled that Girl will be old enough to be breed in the next few months, depending on her size, we will go by size more then age per say, either way, she won’t be having a calf to raise and butcher out for the coming year, and have you seen the price of Beef!

So I asked Farmer R who we got Girl from if he could let me know when he had another little beef calf available for me, but this time make sure it was a boy.. Well we got the call that our calf was ready and waiting for us to come get this weekend, so we did a shuffle in the barn and got the calf stall all ready and extra clean and new bedding etc and this morning we went to pick him up, I had thought to name him bruce but he came with a name on his tag, he is called Smarty, as in Smarty Pants as the daughter says he was really bright and very eager to learn. I got to pick, I could have Smarty (who is holstein/limousin
) or the most stunning buff colored little heifer(Holstien/Charolais) a week younger, both were just lovely! and that buff little girl was just as pretty as can be, but I’m taking no chances this time, its a boy for sure, so we loaded him up and drove the little way home.

Let me tell you, he may look like Girl but he already has his own temperment, he is much bigger then she was at the same age, and he is much stronger to, it will be interesting to teach him all his baby mannors. 

Watch for lots of updates on this handsome young man, I am going to enjoy raising him and training him and make sure he has the best cow life possable before he is old enough to head off to freezer camp. I think Girl will be thrilled to have another cow join her little herd, her sheep will be happy to rejoin the flock.

So what do you think, Pretty Boy yes?

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10 Responses to Inroducing “Smarty” Pants the Baby Beef Bull Calf

  1. Deb W says:

    Oh what a sweetie! But such a sad expression: talk about “calf eyes”, eh?
    Can’t wait to see him again, once he’s settled in and doesn’t look so worried.
    (Hope he’s not too “bull-headed” for you; )

    • Hi Deb

      That’s to funny, I guess he does look a little Calf-eyed, but this is not a worried calf, he thinks peaple are his friends, (got Milk?) and that the world is be explored.. He checked out his box stall and when ready for a nap, went right to the middle of his laydown bed spot and napped. He does not seem bull-headed yet LOL just very sure of himself, interested in all that goes on around him.

      • Deb W says:

        Hmm, I think I might’ve got my expressions mixed up… Didn’t mean eyeballs rolling in terror, but more like just a little tentative, “Where am I/Where’s my Mommy”?” perhaps?

  2. Deb W says:

    Or maybe it’s just that darned tag dragging his ear down and making him look sad. Speaking of the tag… It says October 23, 2011? So what does the date signify (he’s got to be more than three weeks old, right?)

    • Hi Deb

      Well, he might have been, wow, this is a big outside place with lovely sunshine but he was for sure not thinking, were is my mom, cuz he never meet his momma. He is a dairy calf, which means that he never nursed on mom, but was instead trained as a bottle or in his case bucket baby from day one.

      Its his birthdate, he is not quite three weeks old, if they had not been so busy this past week taking off corn, I would have gotten him last week, I am lucky that they like to keep their little calfs for a min of a week, so that you know they get the mom’s first milk for her calf, that is why I buy private and close by.

      Of course I pay so much extra for each week the calf stays in their care, instead of coming to me, but it means I get a older better started calf, so worth the extra $ as far as I am concerned.

      • Deb W says:

        Better for everybody all around, I’d say.
        Wow, calves don’t get much from Momma these days, do they? Sort of knew that they put the little guys into those little calf huts, but didn’t have all of the details before… Thanks for the info.

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  4. Daisy says:

    I’ve wondered why you didn’t raise beef! What does it go for in your area? Just curious. Smarty is a fine looking young guy, I bet he’s going to be impressive!

    • Hi Daisy

      Well, to tell the truth it took a bit before I could get Dh on board, and then when he said yes, it took another full year of asking before I could get Farmer R to sell me one, he kept saying, well you know folks take them on, and then they don’t look after them right and they die, it was only after he say me successfully raise my other critters, that he finally said ok. (I didn’t want to buy a auction calf, as I would not know if it had its mother’s first milk and had been treated right), but he wanted to sell me a half beef, raither then a pure dairy and so he called and I got Girl, only problem with that with that is that she is darling, I mean just took my heart in a matter of days and being a girl, she went from raising our first beef calf for the freezer to raising her for a family milk cow trained for ox work around the farm, and so the thought was her offspring would be raised as our beef calf, but as you know that will take another two years before that calf will be in my freezer, so as I don’t want to wait that long before putting beef in the freezer, I asked for and got Smarty aka Marty..

      I don’t know what its going for in my area at this time, I can do a little looking into it, and will get back to you, I do have a number of folks that have said they would be interested in buying some from me, we will see.

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