Morning Chores

While our days are still mostly warm with a cold wind, the mornings are now getting cold, the wool socks, the heavier boots, the toque and the farm jacket goes over the cloths these days. You can move a little slow in the house, getting the purrpots and hounds their morning breakfasts, water and make a cuppa tea. Once you step outside, within your first couple breath’s you are awake..

My morning chores lists keeps getting bigger, with fall now in full effect, I am feeding all the hay the barn critters would want, plus what they are still finding in their wandering on the pastures, the pond has dried up, which means that the winter hauling of water has started, the sheep flock get their water hauled to by the big round bale hay feeder, so its fairly close to the little barn, but the hand pumping at the big barn has gotten really hard, it can still happen but time wise, its just faster and easier to do the switch to the hauling at this time of the year, so we are hauling water to the barn.

So a few barn updates:

Chickens, my new frey’s heavy meat cross’s are growing like mad, the males are almost ready to be sent to freezer camp, this will certainly be save me in feed costs, they are ready almost two months faster then my normal dual purpose brown egg layers, I have been most impressed with temperment and growth rate and overall health, I have not lost a single one to date.

Girl is doing much better already, she is still favoring her foot and I can still see the area that is slightly swollen compared to normal, but yesterday she wanted to come out of her box stall (the day before, she perferred to stay in, eating her hay in the barn and while up and down lots, she clearly wanted to rest), she took her time but walked up to the big hay bale, and spent the day taking turns eating, and then laying on the bedding, chewing cud out in the fresh air and afternoon of sunshine, she laid down behind the white pens that is around the other round bales, so she was in the sunshine but out of the wind, smart girl.

Smarty got his first meal last night, and I was surprised at how big he is already when I measured him out, he has been getting his fresh whole raw milk at the dairy he was born at, so last night was the first time he got calf milk replacer, now I buy the good stuff  but still it tastes different, and some calfs don’t like the switch, not smarty, he took a tiny bit figuring out the new bucket and then had his dinner right down, but this morning I was out bright and early not just to bring breakfast but to find and check his poo’s, they will tell me if he is having trouble digesting his new milk, and if I need to adjust strength or meal size to give him the best start.. Overeating or to strong can both cause loose stools, but nope, he meet me bright, active and ready for his morning feeding, and he then went looking for his matching baby grain mix. I buy the same mix from the same feed deal as Farmer R so that at least tastes right to him. I have yet to see him nibble on any of the fresh hay I have out, but I will start sprouting for him and the fresh green will appeal to him and get him started.

Now the one thing I didn’t expect was that Girl would smell the fresh baby milk and go wild for it, she is so excited to see it, but so sad that its not for her LOL,  she goes right to her milk pail place and does her head dance waiting for it.. big baby! I had to call her over for her morning rations, she liked it well enough but she is giving me the eye about the milk going to the new little guy.

Have your morning routine changed with the season? Have you been able to have less morning chores? or more morning chores?

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2 Responses to Morning Chores

  1. Daisy says:

    Are the chickens listed as heavy meat cross on the price list? I’m looking at my Frey’s list and all I see are the special dual purpose and White Rock X.

    I wish my morning routine changed with the seasons!! Someday…:)

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