Breaded Duck Steak with Sweet Acorn Sqaush

Dh always thinks our duck tastes very much like Beef, so I created this recipe..

Duck Breast Fried Steak.. Its so easy but O so good.. Take a nice large duck breast and carefully slice it open and into two equal pieces, now this breast was allowed to sit in a salt bath for at least 48 hours after butcher to mellow in the fridge, if you are worried about it still being a bit thick, give it a wack and thin it out..

Then I dipped it into some thick greek yogurt, and then into a mixed oatmeal/finely ground cornmeal, with black pepper, seasoning salt, garlic powder, Onion powder and a little hot pepper as well, into a med-high cast iron pan, make sure your oil is hot before adding your breaded breasts.

I wanted it to be a nice med-well, I cooked it about 3 to 4 min each side, till crispy brown, and the juices were just pink, allowed to rest for a min or two and it was tender, moist with just a hint of pink left, I love this the sweetness of mashed Acorn Sqaush as a side.

Got someone that “swears” they don’t like duck, had it once, roasted and it was such a “strong” game taste to it, this would be a good recipe to try to bring them around, or just don’t tell them its duck and see if you can fool them into thinking they are eating beef.. I’ve done it..

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2 Responses to Breaded Duck Steak with Sweet Acorn Sqaush

  1. Dear Husband says:

    Dear Husband’s in an airport food court, chowing down on fast food, and he opens up Farmgal’s blog to see that culinary delight across the top of the page. Somebody’s jealous.

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