Learning Curve-Hauling Hay in a very old fashion way

I swear this seemed like such a simple idea, I had my ox book and it showed how to tie the load to the Girl, and it said, just roll the hand cut and dried hay into bundles, that was no real issue, we do the rolls for when they go in the wheelbarrol to be hauled down but there is clearly a difference between the movement between a cow and a wheel barrel, they need to be tide much tighter then I thought at first.

Second problem, Girl think she should graze as she works, I felt bad about having to be on her all the time to stop grazing, so ordering a muzzle is on the hit list so that she can learn, off, graze time, on work time.

I don’t like the set up that they showed, I am going back to the horse packing T, that I know from working up in the mountains in my 20’s, at least I know how to use it to tie on gear on both sides and I don’t see why that won’t work for the hauling of hay, just a big roll on each side, instead of the big one across the middle.

Looks to like we have lots of work to practise on before the next rain storm.. I will keep you updated on how the gear and training goes.. Got to love how the folks around slow down, stare and if they are remotely in the friendly book, stop to chat and have a laugh..

The things that stuck me as quite funny was that Girl turned her head and eat the hay off her own back, the other one that surprised me but pleased me was that she didn’t react at all to the strap or the load itself, clearly all the work done bagging her and having her work with bells on has done its job.

We got better at this as time went on, added in a breast strap to help even the loads pull out and added in a different halter that helped with control overall.

This is a Homestead Blog Hop Post

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