Canadian Back Bacon-What happen’s when you forget about it..

It was left it in the fridge, hubby did not take it out and cook it off on time, and it been sitting in its brine for an extra two plus weeks.

well much to my surprise, other then being a touch more salty and full of flavor, nothing.. the meat came out smelling, feel and looking right, the brine looks right and its cooked off like normal.. Who knew!

I didn’t feel like getting the smoker all done up and going today, so I decided to just bake it off, and give it a final grill with a wonderful raw honey/hot mustard glaze for it to go into slices for buns, which I just happened to make today to go with, got some fresh lovely romaine ready in the garden, with a couple leaves of fresh basil and it should be amazing fresh ham bun for dinner.. I am going to take some of this and use it to try out some of those salt pork recipes from the Fat Back cookbook.

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2 Responses to Canadian Back Bacon-What happen’s when you forget about it..

  1. I’m not really surprised. Everything I’ve been reading about curing says that longer curing times only increase the saltiness and the keeping quality. We cure for shorter times today only because we use fridges and freezers.

    • Agreed, its salty, Salty enough, that would not want to serve by itself as a side dish but still great for sandwhichs or for in soups, stews, would be wonderful to make a split pea with. It is worth noting that this was cured in the fridge, so it was kept at the correct cool temps.

      Almost time to start making my fermented radish’s, they just need a little longer to grow, I like mine big and hot for this dish.. Good temp out there for doing some ditch haying, and get to try out girls side packs at the same time..

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