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Lucet gifts

The fluffy pretty little ones are going for stocking stuffers for my nieces to play with on their dress up, the pretty little grey and white cord is for a mesh bag for storage (thanks to lynn for that idea, … Continue reading

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Old Fashioned Cord Making! -Lucets

So Pretty, my different sized lucet have arrived, the big one is to be used to make cords for my larger critters halters or ropes, the smaller are for personal household uses.. I got them from Lynn the weaver, he … Continue reading

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By-product of Duck Butchering-Down and Small Feathers-Part One

Now I think most folks can see that with the different new duck recipes appearing on the blog lately that I am doing a little of my fall bird butcher out, now its worth noting that for those that are wanting … Continue reading

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Catalogs starting to come in now.. Got Sheep? Like Wool?

This past week my garden catalogs have started coming in and some of the new an amazing fruit trees and veggies are looking just wonderful but this post is all about my new woolgrowers catalog. If you have never heard … Continue reading

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Projects for the winter

Well, there are so many different things rattling away in my head today, the news just keeps giving me post idea’s.. If you live in Ontario regardless of what your choice is, please get out and vote today! So with the … Continue reading

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Homemade Paper Making using Sheep Manure

Had a couple really great questions and comments on my first post about making homemade paper using Cow Manure, along with a few great ideas. So one of them was that in the UK they sell Welsh Sheep Poo Paper, … Continue reading

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Just finished it last night and got to try it this morning, Ok, so it was wore with a black wool hat for the real chores but I wanted the whole effect for the picture, so here is my first … Continue reading

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Frugal at its best-Homemade Christmas Urn

Yesterday when I went to town to get a few things, I saw that the stores all had these wonderful brough filled urns with red twigs for sale.. they were selling for 40 to 70 dollars depending on the size … Continue reading

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Honey Do List

My sweetheart is off on for a bit in regards to a work trip.. So I am setting a few extra goals on my honey do list while he is gone. These are above an beyond my normal chores Make … Continue reading

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Artist’s Conk “Gandoerma applanatum”

Just back from a stromp in our local woods, of course a four foot furry friend came with, as we went looking for a young small birch tree to be turned into little medal’s of wood for some craft projects … Continue reading

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