Projects for the winter

Well, there are so many different things rattling away in my head today, the news just keeps giving me post idea’s..

If you live in Ontario regardless of what your choice is, please get out and vote today!

So with the colder mornings, my urge to knit has increased, christmas is coming, thankfully I have three almost finished projects that I have been slowly working on over the summer, While I can knit for a while in summer, the garden and the heat slow me down greatly, however with fall coming in, I am picking up the needles again daily.

I spent a little time visiting with a friend, and left with some amazing idea’s on two new projects for winter knitting, and one of the projects is for me, I so rarely do that, I tend to knit for others raither then myself.

I have been working on my felting skills, and am slowly getting better all the time, I have a winter project to self tan a wool sheepskin rug or two, not just working with the hides but working to keep them whole.

I also have been able to get some truly lovely birch bark peelings to go with my procupine  needle work for a small gift box, as well as having gotten the beads in the colors I want (thank you Farmer T, who buys them in bulk and just gave me the little bit I needed) for my earings projects.

I was able to pick up materal on a amazing sale to make new heavy quilt curtains for the living room, and so sewing them is a planned coming project, it will make such a difference in regards to keeping the cold out and the heat in.

The only other craft project I have planned for this winter is to make homemade hankies and to do a few little sewing projects, I need a new big apron with lots of pockets and maybe a new table cloth or two, I have a tote or two of older clothes that need to be pulled apart and cut into squares and then I need to pull out my box with squares and have a look to see just how many I have, I will put the blue jeans patches into a different pile for later use.

So with the darker days, the colder, slower days coming in the near future, are you figuring out what your winter projects will be? Care to share what you got planned?


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8 Responses to Projects for the winter

  1. Pam says:

    Please give us the blow by blow on your wool sheepskin rug project. We’ve tanned deer hides that have turned out quite a variety of qualities. I’m looking forward to learning how you handle the sheepskin.

  2. queen of string says:

    As usual your list is inspiring! I will be knitting and crocheting incessantly as usual. Touring the thrift stores for bargainous things and for things to sell on, as ever. New projects include tackling at least one thing from my Ravelry queue ( so many free, lovely patterns!) each week and hopefully getting the sewing machine out to make some slippers, wheat bags,maybe a purse and some curtains for the front door. The lack of curtains here puzzles me. I am new to canning, and am hoping to continue to practice at that. Oh, and I want to get the dogs to the point where they stop running off after other dogs, even though they’re great the rest of the time!

    • Ooo I like the idea of some wheat bags, I don’t understand the lack of curtains either, keeping the cold or heat out or in, just makes sense, who wants to add to their heating or cooling bills, and yet ,I see so few use them anymore.

      enjoy continuing on your canning journey, its such a useful skill..

  3. Andrea says:

    I’ve kind of toyed around with knitting but I haven’t become proficient at it yet. Need to work on that and I found a pattern for some felted wool slippers that I’d like to try.

    In about a month I need to get started on my holiday baking; primarily the fruit-and-stout cakes that need to ripen for 6 weeks before we imbibe.

    And if that’s not enough, I have a basement full of toys and outgrown clothes that need purged, hopefully before Christmas. We’re also talking about a little remodeling; removing a kitchen ‘peninsula’ and gutting the basement.

  4. I’ve promised Mr D that I’m spending this winter going through *everything* we have stored, and figuring out what we need to keep and what can go. And inventorying it all – there’s no sense having things stored when you can’t find them.

    • Wow, now that is a amazing winter project, I would really have to break that down into buildings if I ever wanted to try and go though everything and do a inventory, but I really should do so in regards to the food storage, freezers and also the medical/clothing this winter, and figure out just what I have and what needs to be added.

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