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Practical and Ohhh at the same time..

My dad is going to a gun show and he has promised to keep a eye out for a certain type of skinning knife that I have asked for, I am really hoping that he will be able to find … Continue reading

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Natural Cleaning in the Kitchen

Yesterday as I was doing my prep work to get the next rounds of Corn Beef, an then planning on the next step making Pastrami, As well as corning Tongue, and today I will do the prep work required to … Continue reading

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Snow and Cold Wind Chills..

It offical, I am ready for winter to end! I know, I know, its not going to end till its good and ready and its been a good winter really, we had good weather up until Dec and really we … Continue reading

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Chilled Lambs

Well, it snowed here all day yesterday and looks like a bit though the night as well, its cold but typical for the time of year, but the windchill add’s quite a bit to it.. This was a well broke … Continue reading

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Rant Warning!

I am so pissed off!! Blasted Bloody Snowmobiler’s Ok, let me back up, first off -I love that the farmer that owns all the land around us has to be one of the easiest person to get along with, don’t … Continue reading

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Tent Cities?

I just saw this story in the Globe an Mail about tent cities an I am bit on the amazed side, not that there are folks that have lost their homes and need a place to stay and have formed groups … Continue reading

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Sad Morning in the Barn

I am struggling to write this post, and have started it twice now, I know that when we choose to write and share parts or glimpe’s into our lives in this way, its just that.. moments in time written up … Continue reading

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Comfort Food

Do you have comfort foods, Do you reach for chips? Chocolate? Popcorn? or Cookies or how about icecream when life gives you a kick? Well, I just felt kicked and I am making one of my favorite foods, it goes … Continue reading

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Bitter Cold

ahhhh, frost bite warming on exposed skin within ten min, and they say that in our closest city that its min 30 c with wind chill min 38, but the outside farm says that its min 36 c without the … Continue reading

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First Lambs have arrived.

Well, its been a crazy busy day, the morning was very full, getting ready to head out to friends this evening, so we went to do barn chores in early afternoon, and Funny Face ewe was clearly in labour, she is … Continue reading

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