This an That on being sick

Well, Here I sit, still running a fever, with a runny red nose, and a hacking cough dressed, and wrapped in a blanket, wondering why I am up.. o ya, cuz I need to make soup and a cup of tea.

The critters are all tiptoeing around me with this look like.. she don’t look or smell right, I think its the Vic’s personally, its slathered on thick and the my voice is like a fog-horn.. You have been here at least once right?

So first, what has been with the weather, it rained, then it sleeted, then snow, then hail, then sleet-hail, it came in waves with high winds and then just cold nasty wet winds that blew and blew, the plants are not growing in this, they are hunkered down, no doubt feeling as pouty about this blast of cold as I am. I have been listening to the news, cause my eyes hurt if I try and read, and I don’t have a TV in the sick room, so radio it is. On the other hand I am truly caught up on what has been happening in the world lately, including six hours during the night of news from different European countries, which is always so interesting to me, becuase they talk about stuff our news does not, and at the same time, sometimes they talk about the same thing but the view is so different, its like its flipped or shifted sideways.

I will be honest and say that I don’t really trust the “main” stream news all that much, I honestly think that way to many things are used for Spin and while most times I do think that there is a kernel of truth in there somewhere, I just don’t believe for a second that outside forces don’t have push and pull on how the words are choosen, which in turn changes how we hear, read or see the story, of course to be fair, on the flip side, where we were born, how we were raised and our own views on life also effect how we “see and hear” the news as well..

One of the most interesting interviews was a Assuie that had come over to canada to try and get some news time to point out that it was being noticed on the international stage that Canada in their election was not focused on the “green” movement, and that we were more interested in the economy, health care, and other “focused on canada”. They could not understand this view and he was trying to explain that we needed to look at it from the standpoint of “green” first. I am going to straight out say, I was burning with fever, and coming in and out of sleep so I might not be remembering it perfectly but I am pretty sure I got the basic drift down right.

I’m the first to admit that I think most of us in a 1st world nation could in fact live on a lot less then we do (boy was that a understatement or what?) but on the other hand, we are human, pit us between a future need, vs Shelter, Food on the table and clothes on the kids and I think we know the answer most will give.

I was sick enough that DH took the first day off work, and worked from home on the second, and I am so grateful to have had him home, and I have to feel for him, he means the best but I swear to honest I am like a snot nosed, out of it nag.. I know that is harsh but its how I felt, remind him to not just check on me but to make sure I have water, and eat on time, no if I am sleeping that does not mean just leave, yes you have to wake me up and check on me.. Yes, you really do have to change the sheets/pillowcases ever day and yes you have wash them right away, yes, really the room needs to have fresh air daily, Have you give So-So their meds today, have you check X to see if she is bagged up, have you looked a Y-‘s foot, it has a crack in it, have you checked Z’s ear, why is she bugging it, Yes, I want soup, NO I don’t want anything with strong flavor’s, please, please, I don’t want to eat, so make it blanded so that I can get it down. No, I can’t smell that for you on if its good in the fridge?

Ok, here is the big one, yes, I need sleep, and rest but no, that does not mean you need to be quiet in the house in order for me to sleep, I was so sick, I could have slept though a marching band, but what I do need is a clean house, chores done and kept there anything worse then getting up, just barely feeling human and realizing that only about half the things you do are done and the rest.. well.. the rest.. ahhh, it just there.. waiting for you…..

I am sure every housewife, mother and farm gal knows what I mean, its the little things we do, that we don’t even tell them or show them, its just done because when you feel well, you do it without thinking or even really noting it, it just seems to happen, until it doesn’t..LOL

Not your mates fault in anyway, or at least not mine, he is the love of my life and he has so many strengths but noticing small things is not one of them, he is a bit of a tunnel vision guy, awesome when you put him on a project, he will work till its done, you just need to be aware that he won’t see anything to the right or left till he is good an ready to do so.

Ok, I have rambled long enough, I’m not even certain there is theme to this post, but hopefully it made you chuckle at last once or nod your head going.. been there, done that.. I’m off for a nap..

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