Pecking Order on the farm..

I have so many post rumbling around my head today, I promised to do a post on how to make a good basic bread with photos, I am working on a butcher post with ways to perserve that meat from salting to canning it among a number of others, but what keeps coming to the top is two main thoughts

a) Reflections on critter watching, including some very interesting cross species interactions

B) The NYC and now world-wide protests that happened this weekend, including at least three in Canada, one in toronto, one in ottawa and one in Vancouver, I think there were more but those where the ones that I heard talked about and that had interviews, one of the main things that struck me was that in canada at least, there was no one “idea” that was drawing them all together, there was some protesting the goverment, some women’s rights, some Native rights and the list went on.. The one thing that did seem to come across on our main stream media was “we are the 99 percent, and we want the 1 percent to listen to us”.

Now let me be clear, I am not sure that was the message that was meant to get across, I have been interviewed a number of times for TV and in newspapers, and I rarely find that what you say is REALLY what is reports, its typically a shading of the truth with spin on it..

However, that saying stuck in my head as I went about my weekend of chores, we worked in the barns on the weekend, with the big move being moving Miss Piggy to a new pen to dig up, and working to clean out her past pen to turn into a jug for the coming due ewe next week, I am so looking forward to that fresh milk in the house again.

So I spent hours out with the flock of sheep, interacting with the cow, who was also interacting with the sheep, add in the pig, and then add in the birds, the ducks, geese, turkeys and the chickens, along with some barn cats and its a well rounded out mix of small/large critters, along with a interesting mix of herd animals.

So the first group of critters that caught my eye was the birds, this is a interspecies flock of birds and they get along quite well really but they had decided that the one single chocolate duckling was “different” from everyone else, and someone forgot to explain to the other baby birds that you are NOT Allowed to pick on the someone just because they are different.. what you say caused this outbreak of “ahhh”, a tiny white spot on a otherwise yellow foot, this was a cue that this poor little one would be hassled and momma bird didn’t care much, Farmgal did.. and she fixed the issue right quick, most likely not in a way that a true green momma should have but what the heck, sometimes you just need to be creative.. I went to the house, got the food coloring dye, and put a drop of yellow on that foot and dyed it, went back out, threw in fresh greens, and some windfall apples and when no one was looking slipped the little guy back in the group, problem solved for the moment anyway..

So my question on that one is.. Should the 99 percent won on that case, should they have been allowed to push that 1 percent to get what they wanted no matter the cost.. I am not saying that the 1 percent was not different then the others, it was.. but still not sure its ok for the majority to decide that at this moment in time with no outside overview being given that they can just take what they want, and dam the one that gets hurt..

Sure, you can make the case that the average hardworking joe vs the Uber-Rich can’t compare to a group of chicks/turkey pullets and ducklings deciding that a  little duckling need to be gotten, and I would even agree to a large point.. right up until you have remember that like it or not that uber-rich is still a living breathing being, that’s where it get tricky.

But the barnyard was not done with me yet.. O no, it decided to give the example of the one percent showing their strength and being a bully.. aka Girl, the now one year old heifer, she can still be a bit of a handful when she is excited to see you, but a tap on the nose and she settled right now, I am head cow, and she knows it, but the rest of the barn, O boy is she the one, she lets the sheep know that they will give way to her, thank you so much, now she is friendly with Miss Piggy but they don’t get to be loose at the same time normally,

 well this weekend,  Miss Piggy was following me around cuz I am the farm momma, and I moved from one pasture to another and she followed, but Girl was in the other pasture, and I got to watch a 800-900 pd cow, give a lesson to a 300-400 pd pig.

You see, Girl is head boss after me, and Miss Piggy thought she should be second after me.. this meant that they both felt they were equal.. Cow did a head swing, piggy did a grunt back and a thunk into legs, and next thing I know, I am watching them having a push shove, and its all over in less then 45 second, the cow flipped the pig, pig gets up and shakes it off, and everyone settles, so I start walking again, and I can’t help but see what is happening behind me.. Me, Cow at my back, not quite touching me, Pig walking back from her head, just past her shoulder in respect and behind them trailing is sheep.. A good six feet behind both of the them..

Now was it really fair that the cow used her very hard head, and extra strength and leg length to put Miss piggy from her feeling of I’m eqaul to show her in no uncertain terms, you are part of the farmyard, and you have your place but I’m ahead of you.. Fair no, but do I feel that the very weathly feel the same way, that they can push those they feel are under them around.. You bet! I think they have no issue using any and all means they can to make things go the way they want..

Just like Girl didn’t think a thing about her cow-given right to be a bully with Miss Piggy, I believe that there are many peaple in postions of power that feel they can do the same to the middle and lower income classes, and I am not even going to touch on 3rd world conditions alive and well in our 1st world countries.

I would love to believe that we have grown as the human race to beyond what can be seen in the barnyard but I don’t think we have.. Do you?

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2 Responses to Pecking Order on the farm..

  1. Lorri says:

    Thank you for your insight into the occupy wallstreet issue. Your analogy about the 99% and the 1% was spot on . Thank you again for a positive spin.

  2. Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

    What really grabbed my attention were the statistics on taxation rates here in Canada. Did you know that the highest tax bracket paid 50% back in the 60’s and that rates now are the lowest they’ve ever been? Or, did you know that we are the only country in the G8, G20 or any of the “developed” nations that doesn’t have a high-speed rail/mass transit plan even though we cover nearly the largest landmass of any nation? Or, that the majority of Canadians, when asked, say they’d rather pay more taxes rather than have cutbacks?
    So why is it so difficult for a very few people to pay a small amount more to help out the entire country (or the whole world)? Why are roads and other infrastructure here in the worst shape that I can ever remember? And why are more people sliding into the ditch of poverty when there’s so much conspicuous consumption everywhere you look? In the little town nearest here, there seems to be ‘way more BMWs and Mercedes and a lot more homeless people on the streets… Somethings’ definately out of whack and nature abhors an imbalance.

    This is the 99% tthat you’re hearing about, 1% of multiples of billions is A LOT of money (and even the uber rich are getting uncomfortable with the status quo).

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