Emergency Meal Kit Challenge!

Homestead Revival is hosting a Emergency Meal Kit Challenge, its a interesting idea, I have to admit that DH was not quite on board, he just looked at me and said that is the point of the pantry, and I see his point, I really do.. however where the challange was for me is the idea of a whole day of planned meals that would all last six months in storage while at the same time as homemade as possable.. while having limited water and heating..

Now the idea is that its a natural weather issue that knocks out water and power for three days in the house, but we are in fact home when it happens, I have to admit that do store water by the case in the bottles for so many days, I also store water by the drum, but given that I also have a hand pump on the back deep drilled well, the odds of us having truly limited water is not likely but lets assume that we are being very careful with the amount as we need to pump it and haul it to the house.

The second thought I have is regardless of the storm, the hens are still going to lay eggs, and the sheep or the milk cow is still going to need to be milked, which means I will have both of these coming in fresh, 9 out of 12 months, there will also be the garden in some form or other for fresh..

Now lets say that this happens in the dead of winter, I am still going to have either a) the propane stove/oven combo available to me, but to play it fair that others don’t have that as a backup, I will move over to the Ecozoom stove for heating and cooking of food, combined with both the Shuttle Chef cooker combined with the Thermos’s that can be used to keep hot tea for later use, and also for cooking..

So here is my planned menu for a day..

Breakfast-Baking Powder Bisquits-Hard Tack Style

  • Home Rendered Lard
  • Flour
  • Baking Powder
  • Salt
  • Powdered Whole Milk, or Canned Milk from storage or Fresh milk from the barn
  • If using Powdered Milk it can be pre-mixed and stored in a jar, and then just add water.

I have made these in my cast iron wear on the Ecozoom so I know that it can be done with quite easily, to this I am added a jar of homecanned Lamb Sauages that can be heated and put into halfs and stacked in the bisquits, with Canned Peaches, saving the juice for a later use, Hot Mint Tea.

Lunch is simple

Homecanned Chili with the other half of the Bisquits, along with hot mint tea

Supper- Canned Cubed Chicken with Chicken Broth, Jar of Canned Corn, a handfull of Dried greens, once it been brought up to a simmer, add in a cup of coucous allow to sit for five min and then serve with Hot Peach Mint Tea.

Snack-Pickles.. Dill, Crunchy, when I am stressed I like the salty and the crunch..

Now, everything is shelf stable (other then the fresh farm products that would be a choice), now if they were not used, then the only off the farm is Flour, Powdered Milk, Salt, and Spices, the rest is all food grown or raised on the farm and then processed into shelf-stable meals in my own kitchen..


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7 Responses to Emergency Meal Kit Challenge!

  1. Bobbi says:

    Awesome meal plan, thanks for sharing. 🙂

  2. I love how you planned an entire day’s worth of meals; and the pickles… good idea to have that “stress” food on hand.

    Another good reason for having these meals set aside is that I am constantly cooking from my food storage (or someone in the family helps their self) and so I need to know that these items won’t be touched unless it’s a real emergency or if I’ve canned or purchased backups to rotate them out. If the emergency isn’t that bad and I’m not so stressed that cooking isn’t a big deal, all the better. But if it’s worse than anticipated, it’s not a bad idea.

    Thanks for linking up! Love having people participate; makes it so much better!

    • Hi Amy

      thanks so much for stopping by and reading the post, Just love your blog! I did figure out a three day plan, as well but its very much a repeat,make quick breads in the morning, and then everything else being a heat and go from my own food storage. I liked the idea of having a whole day of meals in one box, riather then one meal per box, I also liked overlapping quick breads made once and then used in all the meals.

  3. Misty says:

    I’m laughing and thanking you for changing your plan to suit us people without all the farm accoutrement! I do have hens and a garden, but if their past behavior is any indication, at the moment anything even slightly stressful happens they stop laying eggs. With my chickeny luck, they’ll be holed up in their little coop waiting for me to bring out some boxed meal for THEM!! lol

  4. Sharon says:

    Your too funny Misty!

  5. Reblogged this on Just another Day on the Farm and commented:

    This is a interesting reblog and a new challenge, the Canadian government wants the average person to have a min of a 72 hours kit, now that’s great.. I thinks its a little short, give most things that get really hairy are longer then that.. but lets the general with 72 hours.

    The idea belongs to Homestead Revival with credit given for post and idea 6 years ago but we are going to do a part two post later today and I am going to make box with photos and I am challenge you to make one too.

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