Emergency Meal Kit Challenge!

This is a interesting reblog and a new challenge, the Canadian government wants the average person to have a min of a 72 hours kit, now that’s great.. I thinks its a little short, give most things that get really hairy are longer then that.. but lets give on that and do  the general with recommended 72 hours.

The idea belongs to Homestead Revival with credit given for the post from 2011 and idea 6 years ago but we are going to do a new part two post later today and I am going to make box with photos and I am challenge you to make one too.

Even if you don’t, consider writing in the comments on what you would do different in your box an why or if blogger and you make a box, I will do third post with feedback 🙂

Just another Day on the Farm

Homestead Revival is hosting a Emergency Meal Kit Challenge, its a interesting idea, I have to admit that DH was not quite on board, he just looked at me and said that is the point of the pantry, and I see his point, I really do.. however where the challange was for me is the idea of a whole day of planned meals that would all last six months in storage while at the same time as homemade as possable.. while having limited water and heating..

Now the idea is that its a natural weather issue that knocks out water and power for three days in the house, but we are in fact home when it happens, I have to admit that do store water by the case in the bottles for so many days, I also store water by the drum, but given that I also have a hand…

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2 Responses to Emergency Meal Kit Challenge!

  1. J > It seems to me a wise poicy of the Canadian govenment. One we shoud emuate in the UK – especiay hee in the isands. [Two ette keys of my compute have stopped woking. Can you guess which?]

    • LOL, I can guess 🙂 Do you not have a week that they recommend and teach about what to do? We are such a huge country and we are so different in ways of living in our country.. What I prepped when I lived in the bush country in the mountains in the west or up in NWT and its certainly quite different to what I prepped for in Iqaluit, Nunavut when we were above the tree line (the challenge there was very different then the farm is) The farm has very different challenges for both us and for the care of our critters.

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