Growing Feathers! The Chicks are no longer fluffy!

Dear momma pointed out that I had not taken any new photos of the chicks in a while an she is right.. They are growing well, doing great, active and bright eyed, clean legs and feathers are coming in.

I have some pretty colors in this chicks, Black’s, Dark and light Blue’s, Cream’s and more..

Three toed chicks and five toed chicks, in some cases combs are starting.. I have my bets down on six hens and the rest as roo’s but that’s just a guess based on wing tips as day olds and as we all know, that’s is helpful but still a guess.. We will see, I am positive that the big solid black chick is a roo, just the build, the head shape an the comb already coming in screams it to me.

This photo shows the red in the back and the what will be a soft cream with light browns in the front..  I like the cheek puff on the one I the middle..

Just because I am on baby post.. Fat Bellied little wee jumping beans in their nest..

There mother says.. please cover them back up and GO AWAY!

And little Jayda says, Ha, someone left the top of the feeder open and I was caught sleeping in the hay!

And last but not least.. a bright spot of color to add to your day!

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1 Response to Growing Feathers! The Chicks are no longer fluffy!

  1. Widdershins says:

    They look like scruffy teenagers now. 🙂 …baby goat doing what baby goats do. 😀

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