ice car races or is that mud races :)

Long day from start to finish..  ice car racing was on my bucket list for this year!


Registered, early morning and with the awesome 43.. so kind of a great young man to allow me to race in the ladies with his car!


She was all done up pretty and she was a country girl with her log an all.. her middle seatbelt was to keep the roof from being able to pop up.


14 cars per heat.. four  rounds for the ladies, top three go to the semi finals, top three go to the final round with six cars only


Each heat is a total of five laps around the track, its was warm and the ice was mud, mud and then soupy o my gosh.. mud!


now, you do not try and hit each other, that will get you a black flag and a two year ban but its a mud race and you hit the walls, each other like bumper cars and you drift out, you spin an more..


in my laps, I hit the snow bank, did a 180 reverse out of it and got rear hit a few times but someone that really did not like that I was on the inside lane and in her way, but when she came out to pass me, she drifted, and I sort of took out her whole front end, and damaged my log, and move the rad back a bit..


our girl was tough, she went on to race three more times in the day.. in our gang and crew, six cars, 6 drivers and a total of 12 races and two semi-final runs. other then chores before and after.. it was the whole day.. and I am done lol

Always be brave enough to get out there and make it happen!

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