No Buy Feb -Weekly round up 2 for 2017


These guys are adorable, they are my “presents” from the hounds, purrpots and farm critters that sent Dh to town for a Valentine day present with order to add to mom’s stuffed frog collection. I was told they said to get cute but not cuter then them.


They are so sweet and they are so not legal on No Buy Feb LOL  So its being owned here.. I got more frogs to my collection..

So how about the rest of the week plus since my last update.. well the good news is that we have been honestly 98 percent good..  by that I mean, all the little things that folks spend money on. .not an issue for us, we have the belt notched tight enough.

No new movies, no new books (well no e-books that cost money) no new cloths, no church basement, we did our normal buy a few things on sale (as the sales only come on every three months or six months) and it goes into storage until after the month, I want to see where we need work, I don’t want to pass on keeping my pantry up on the best sales possible.


I have been good about using up things in the house.. as an example, supper last night, our pork roast, with our bacon on a bed of squash with red peppers and a big bowl of raspberries, all 0 mile foods!

Where did we give.. Hubby had work days that were long and at a hotel that did not allow any extra’s in for food or water, without fines given.. he went out to eat and I approved it as it was work related..  He also had to do a extra fill on the truck..  as the hours were long enough that he needed to drive to the city three days this past week as the meetings ran past his bus timing for his normal commute.

Where did the money go.. Farm related needs.. o the monthly review is going to hurt! and it might just be growing as Caleb slide a bit on the icy trail and appears to have hurt his shoulder a bit, so we will see if we have another vet bill to add to the current list.


Where did we totally blow this week..  The Kindle Cracker.. it was on back order, it was a auto order for when it became available again on Amazon and I am happy that it has arrived and it will be getting its own post! But it nailed me right in the middle of No Buy Feb! Wow.. that was unplanned and unexpected..

And because its the rules.. I went to a lovely half day local horse event and I gave a donation to help cover the costs of the rental space.. That one is a hmm. Its a mixed bag, it was sort of farm related.. animal.. horse… training..

Came home starving, and made a big bowl of hot soup with left over pork roast.. so good..

Given I know what is coming over the next week.. sheesh, its going to be a interesting round up.. we will see how tight I can keep it for most days..


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2 Responses to No Buy Feb -Weekly round up 2 for 2017

  1. Widdershins says:

    Kindle cracker? … not to smash one’s eReader, eh? 😀

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