Ice Car Race Day and Elderberry Syrup

Now you might not think those two go together.. but they do..

First, it was Ice Car Race Day, so up this morning to Shake a leg and get the morning chores done before we bundled up to drive over to the local Ice car races!

We were there to Cheer some dear friends of ours on, I raced last year but not this year.. In total we had three folks we knew racing.. two had some pretty bad car trouble and one just rocked it.. first place in his heat, placed Second in the semi-final (only top three go to finals) and even though he drew last place on the pegs for the final, with a full run of eight cars, he still made second place!! WHOOOOOOTTTT! My voice is a bit sore from cheering!

While Nobody flips their cars this year or caught on fire (well a little one in the pit after a race) strangely this year.. so many folks lost tires.. and more then a few folks had did not make it out of the races under their own steam LOL

What was to be a mild day with light wind and sun, turned out to be 90 percent cloudy day, some light snow, a kicking wind.. A cold wind.. a bite you though four layers, pants, hot socks in winter boots, wrapped in a sleeping back kind of wind..Β  we even had a tarp that one of our group brought that was tied to the metal stands, I do not even want to think how bitter it would have been without it help cut the wind on our back but not our legs as that can under the seats. It was cold enough that we saw our breaths.. Hubby was warm, he was wearing his Canadian Goose Down Jacket (he took the hood down for the photo above) and he wore his skidoo overalls under it and hot socks in his minus 30 boots..Β  I clearly should have cracked out the Canadian Goose coat as well instead of thinking my four layers of shirt, sweater, flannel fall coat and then regular winter jacket was going to cut it.. but you see I foolishly believe the weather man and wanted to be able to remove layers.. brrrr.. I needed more layers..

And given that one of those we came to cheer went all the way to final’s.. we were there from start to the very end πŸ™‚ and I am glad we did so.. but folks were sick around us, it was cold and no one can spend that many hours without getting a bit of a chill.. it just is..

So that bring me to the Elderberry part.. I am hitting my Elderberry Syrup at preventive rates for the next 24 to 48 hours just to be on the careful side..Β  I also happen to have a number of trays of sprouts at perfect readiness that I had rinsed this morning and moved into fridge keeping, I will eat 4 to 6 oz of fresh sprouts for the next three days as well.

And I hope it will mean that I do not get sick and if I do get sick, I know it will go a long way towards making it be shorter then it could have been.. we will see.. the biggest bonus, Elderberry Syrup tastes amazing! Its flavour is outstandingly yummy.


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13 Responses to Ice Car Race Day and Elderberry Syrup

  1. Widdershins says:

    Looks like a good time was had by all. πŸ™‚

  2. Not yummy like elderberry, but kicks the crap out of germs; )

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