Some Days go as planned.. others.. not so much..

So I had a plan for the day and then it changed..  It happens..

Just starting to soak up the water and open up

I was to have a quiet relaxed day with a big old Chinese meal for supper.. It sounded nice when it was planned..

We did sleep in, that was lovely to be honest. You forget just how many times the older critters get you up in the night when they don’t feel good, they need outside more often, they wake you up needing comfort or you hear them moan a touch when they shift on their bed.  Last night was the first night in months that I slept a solid six hours and it meant that I woke up with more energy then I expected.

I started puttering and puttering turned into a full day of work and chore’s. Suddenly we were cleaning house, loads of laundry, making doggy cookies (Sweet potato treats) shoveling decks, sweeping, baking a cake (Butter Pecan) roasting off lamb chops to have cold meat in the fridge. Hour by Hour slipped by with both of us in work mode. Stopping for drinks, a snack or lunch but then back at it..

Slowly as the day ran down it became clear that while we were getting lots done, we were not in the “mode” for a big dinner.. So be it.

We will have a Modified version of it, with lots of egg rolls, meat and veggies with dipping sauces..  It will be yummy I am sure.

We had our first pullet egg from last years late fall hatch of chicks, we got seven young hens out of the clutch and this is the first one to start laying. Hopefully the other six will start laying very soon as well and we will have lots of pullet eggs coming in to make some outstanding homemade pasta.

The weather today was fine with sunshine and just minus 3 with a cold wind. I am getting the garden urge something bad.. seeds are calling me..

I hope that you had a great day, be it the one you planned or be the one you had 🙂



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10 Responses to Some Days go as planned.. others.. not so much..

  1. Widdershins says:

    Had a day planned out in the garden in the sunshine, then it clouded over, then it rained, and now it’s snowing … think I’ll do some indoor stuff. 😀

  2. Richard Portman says:

    Hey thanks! Plant some peas? Experiment with Favas? Radishes lettuce etc? Best to you.

  3. Trimmed up the new tip growth on the Rosemary today(yesterday)… She tasted great in our soup this afternoon; )

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