Moose team- Canadian History Bits and Bites

This moose team belonged to W.R. (Billy/Buffalo Bill) Day. They were found by a Metis near Baptiste Lake in 1910 and were reared by bottle and broken to drive by Mr. Day at Athabasca Landing during the winter of 1910. Mr. Day and the moose team hauled mail and supplies to Wabasca, Edmonton, Pelican Mountains, Calling Lake, Athabasca, Colinton, Rochester, Tawatinaw, Clyde, Legal, Carbondale and St. Albert. Buffalo Bill and his wife also ran a store at Calling Lake.

Photograph J.H. Gano; Mrs. L. Lyons fonds.

When this fun tidbit of info came out to me on my facebook feed, I did some digging an fact checking.. so cool.. some 100 year old Canadian triva for you 🙂

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7 Responses to Moose team- Canadian History Bits and Bites

  1. As the price of gas goes up, we may need alternative forms of transport like this again 🙂

  2. Look awfully skinny, don’t they? ):

  3. Richard W Day says:

    Thank you for the picture and narrative of my Grandfather. (Mr. Day) He was quite a character. He fought in the Boar War and WW1, settled in Calling Lake and was the Rieve, JP, coroner. and local law representative. He ran a freight wagon to Athabaska with Percheron horses thru a trail that he surveyed himself. He put in a telephone system at the lake and started the first school up there.
    A real character.

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