Happy Chinese New Year

As I sit here with my red table with my truly beautiful flowers gracing it,  with flowering Violets in the window and we are starting a dino plant that was a gift for Valentines day and works perfectly for the Chinese New Year as it is a symbol for new life.

I have a lovely big cuppa of canned milk and honey tea in memory of my grandmother D on my mothers side. I can’t wait for it to be sheep’s rich milk instead of canned but we are waiting on lambs yet.

We are doing a few things for the first time in regards to Chinese New Year, we are keeping the red flowing in the main part of the house, we having our flowers, we are going to do a small area in memory of our passed loved ones and I will share later on a few other things.

The big one for today that I found interesting in my reading on things that you can do that is that of cleaning or sweeping away the past year, clearing your house of the past year and any negative that was there and opening your home, hearts and the new year in with the idea of it being cleaned, open and inviting good luck and happiness in.

Now that is a such a nice though regardless of culture or time of the year..

It struck a cord for me

As I got up today and my feet hit the side of the bed, a wave of sadness and grief flooded me because my old boy Zander was not sleeping on his bed at the side of my bed, he was a awesome cuddle boy on the bed but when you went to sleep, he would jump off and it didn’t matter where you moved his bed to in the room.. he slept beside the bed so that is where I would put his always and I would have to be so careful as my feet went down to not step on him and then he would jump up and push his head into my lap for his morning hello and pat.

Today.. just bare floor.. no greeting.. no happy smiling face

So yes indeed.. the idea of opening my home, my mind and my heart and giving it a airing out sounds wonderful..  Both my mom and hubby are willing to do so as well. So much loss (of dear friends, I have not posted about it, but there has been three deaths in the past six weeks within my friends circle) At some point I will talk about and show what I am going to plant in my gardens their memory.

The weather is working with me and its plus 4 today so we have windows open, letting in that sweet farm air, as well as the songs of the wild birds and the sounds of my critters who are enjoying this fine weather in their outside pens.

I have all the fixing’s gotten for a lovely feast of a meal that we will take part in, it was very interesting to come up with 8 dishes for the table.

More to follow..  may you stop today for a moment to remember and honor those you love or loved whether they leave you far to soon, pass in old age or in sickness.. you never know from day to day how long you will have with them.. each smile, each memory, each touch into others lives is a blessing..  a moment to give thanks for such blessing to be in your life.



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5 Responses to Happy Chinese New Year

  1. grammomsblog says:

    }}}HUGS{{{ to you. And Happy Chinese New Year!

  2. I am still so sad about your old dog. It is a lovely idea to sweep out the old negativity – though right at the moment I would have to sweep the whole damn lot out! C

    • Thank you about my Zander, I have enjoyed the fresh air today so much, its been a good while since its been plus 4 out there I will take it even if the cold is coming back tonight. I am sorry that it would have you needing to sweep the whole lot out

  3. Lovely! What’s a “Dino plant”, FG?

    • Its a tumble weed plant for Texas that has been around since the Dino have been (but back them they were the size of tree’s) now they grow about 4 inches, they curl up and tumble when dry and they turn green and uncurl when given water.. pretty little plant

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